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Our Business

We have positioned Alcoholic Beverages, Food and Soft Drinks as the Group's three core business fields. We will work to nurture and strengthen the Group's brands along with the real estate business, as we expand business overseas as well as in Japan.

The Company stands out among the numerous food companies in Japan for conducting business in all three fields of "Alcoholic Beverages", "Food" and "Soft Drinks". Leveraging this unique strength, the Company will work to nurture the Group's brands and create distinctive value through its five businesses: Japanese Alcoholic Beverages, International, Food & Soft Drinks, Restaurants, and Real Estate.
By supplying products and services that enhance dining experiences worldwide, the Sapporo Group will continue helping to provide creative, enriching and rewarding lifestyles to customers around the world.

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With major international business bases—Sapporo U.S.A., Inc., Sleeman Breweries Ltd. (Canada); and Sapporo Vietnam Ltd.,—the Sapporo Group has developed its international alcoholic beverages business. In 2012, the Sapporo Group began capital investment in Silver Springs Citrus, Inc., North America's largest private-brand (PB) chilled beverages manufacturer, thereby launching full-scale entry into the beverages business in North American markets.

Main Company:Sapporo International Inc.

Sapporo International Inc. is an operating company that develops international business. In the alcoholic beverages business, the Company pursues a further expansion in North American markets by leveraging the strength of the Sapporo brand, the No. 1 Asian beer brand in the United States, and the Sleeman brand in Canada. The Company will also extend sales channels in Vietnam, where it has established its own plant, and in the markets of other areas of Asia and Oceania. In 2012, in the beverages business as well, the Company launched full-scale entry in North American markets and promote international development as a food-value creation company.

*As of January 1, 2019, Sapporo Holdings Ltd. (SH) merged its subsidiary Sapporo International Inc. (SI) into Sapporo Breweries Ltd. (SB) and transfer the subsidiaries of SI to SH and SB.

Company Name Sapporo International Inc.
Business Lines Manage international liquor and other subsidiaries
Date of Establishment December 2006
Head Office 4-20-1 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-8522,Japan
President and Representative Director Tsukasa Oorui
Capital \15,503 million
Fiscal Year-End Date December 31 on annual basis

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