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  • Management Philosophy As an intrinsic part of people's lives,Sapporo will contribute to the evolution of creative,enriching and rewarding lifestyles.
  • The Sapporo Group aims to sustainably enhance corporate value by building stakeholder trust through business activities that display integrity.

Message from the President

Recognizing once again that the source of the Group's growth lies in the brand assets cultivated over the Group's 140-year history since it was founded, the Company has positioned "Alcoholic Beverages", "Food" and "Soft Drinks" as the Group's three core business fields, and will work to nurture and strengthen the Group's brands along with the real estate business. We seek to become an enterprise that helps to provide creative, enriching and rewarding lifestyles to customers not only in Japan, but also throughout the world.

2026 Group Vision

The Sapporo Group seeks to become a company
with highly unique brands in the fields of
"Alcoholic Beverages" , " Food" , and "Soft Drinks"
around the world.


551.5billion yen

(including liquor tax)

Operating income

17.0billion yen

(after amortization of goodwill)

overseas21.2% domestic78.8%

Sales Ratio

※fiscal 2017




Sapporo Group Long-Term Management Vision SPEED150



Management Plan 2020 Formulation of The First Medium-Term


※a rough estimate (as of the end of December 2017)

Long-Term Management Vision

Sapporo Group Long-Term Management Vision SPEED150

Sapporo Holdings Limited (the "Company") has formulated the
Sapporo Group Long-Term Management Vision "SPEED150".
The "SPEED150" vision sets forth the overall direction the Company
should pursue over the next 10 years through 2026,
the year marking the Group's 150th anniversary of founding.


Management Plan

 Management Plan 2020 Formulation of The First Medium-Term

Sapporo Holdings Limited (the “Company”) has formulated the Sapporo Group Long-Term Management Vision “SPEED150” and the First Medium-Term Management Plan 2020. The First Medium-Term Management Plan 2020 lays out the basic strategies the Company will implement over the next four years through 2020.


Global Business

Pursuing strong growth all over the world
by delivering a wider range of
distinctive products and services and
thereby expanding opportunities for
engagement with customers.

The Sapporo Group first embarked on international business in 1964, when we started exporting
beer to the United States. Now we sell beer in 45 countries, and soft drinks in around 60
national markets. The Sapporo Group helps to enrich the lives of our customers around the
world by pursuing innovation and quality to create new value.


Research & Development

The Sapporo Group’s R&D efforts
create value for the food of tomorrow.

Our R&D teams support Sapporo Group business and build the foundations of future growth. We have established cross-cutting R&D structures to bring together know-how from throughout the Group and apply it to researching and developing products that will satisfy our customers.


The history of the Sapporo Group
spans more than 140 years.

With a history stretching back more than 140 years to the founding of the Kaitakushi Brewery in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1876, the Sapporo Group continues to grow. As we write the next page in our history, we will continue to be a corporate group that contributes to society.


Group Companies

Our group companies are
growing both domestically and

Introducing our group companies in Japan and the world, engaged in a range of businesses focusing on alcoholic beverages, foods, and soft drinks.