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New Management Framework

  • Based on Nov 2, 2016 News Releases

Sapporo Announces New Management Framework — Creating New Value at Sapporo —


Sapporo Holdings Limited (the "Company") has formulated the Sapporo Group Long-Term Management Vision "SPEED150". The "SPEED150" vision sets forth the overall direction the Company should pursue over the next 10 years through 2026, the year marking the Group's 150th anniversary of founding.

Sapporo Group Long-Term Management Vision"SPEED150"

The Company has formulated the 2026 Group Vision and the Action Guidelines, both of which will be achieved by pursuing management reforms and business growth with speed while continuing to adhere to the Management Philosophy and Fundamental Management Policy.

Recognizing once again that the source of the Group's growth lies in the brand assets cultivated over the Group's 140-year history since it was founded, the Company has positioned "Alcoholic Beverages", "Food" and "Soft Drinks" as the Group's three core business fields, and will work to nurture and strengthen the Group's brands along with the real estate business. The Company stands out among the numerous food companies in Japan for conducting business in all three fields of "Alcoholic Beverages", "Food" and "Soft Drinks". Leveraging this unique strength, the Company will work to supply distinctive products and services worldwide in conjunction with expanding its contact points with customers, with the aim of driving robust growth.

【Management Philosophy】
As an intrinsic part of people's lives,
Sapporo will contribute to the evolution of creative,
enriching and rewarding lifestyles
【Fundamental Management Policy】
The Sapporo Group strives to maintain integrity in corporate conduct that reinforces
stakeholder trust, and aims to achieve continuous growth in corporate value.
【2026 Group Vision】
The Sapporo Group will be a company
with highly unique brands
in the fields of "Alcoholic Beverages", "Food", and "Soft Drinks"
around the world.
【Action Guidelines】
1.  Make customers lifestyle around world more fulfill by creating
new value through the pursuit of innovation and quality.
2.  Strive to provide products and services and to nurture brands
that foster communication among customers. 
3.  Practice efficient management in tandem with addressing  
changes in the environment.

In addition, the Company will deepen communication with stakeholders through all manner of corporate business activities based on its Management Philosophy, and strengthen its ability to convey information. By doing so, the Company aims to increase its presence while enhancing the satisfaction of all stakeholders.


These materials contain forward-looking statements regarding but not limited to future earnings and future actions, circumstances, and occurrences. These statements are based on information available when these materials were prepared and are subject to risks and uncertainties. Actual results and financial performance may therefore differ significantly from the future outlook described by forward-looking statements presented in these materials.

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