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Activity Report

CSR in the quality of foods and real estate spaces

As a corporate group that handles food and real estate, we are striving to be a group of companies that earns the trust of customers by pursuing quality in our products, services, and real estate spaces by prioritizing safety.


Also, we regard quality with high importance at every stage — from research and development to raw material procurement, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing, right up until our products are delivered to our customers. That is why we work hard to improve quality at every stage.

CSR in protection of the global environment

We will contribute to the establishment of a low-carbon society, sound material-cycle society, and a society that exists in harmony with nature so that humanity can hand down a rich global environment to future generations.

Regarding CO2 emissions associated with business operations in particular, we will strive to ascertain, reduce, and disclose information about CO2 emitted directly by the Sapporo Group with cognizance of the entire lifecycle of our products and services.

CSR in coexistence with society

We appreciate the support of local communities and seek to deepen interaction with them while engaging in proactive communication. We continue to carry out various activities that contribute to society.


Moreover, as a corporate group that sells alcohol, we strive to raise awareness of reasonable alcohol consumption and prevent harmful use of alcohol.

CSR in business transactions

We are committed to making fair, equitable, and open transactions with clients, suppliers, and other trade connections. Furthermore, we constantly pursue high quality that pleases to our customers and engage in safe and reliable procurement based on strong relationships of trust with suppliers.

CSR in human resources and working environments

We respect every employees' human rights and give consideration to safety as well as both physical and mental health in the development of work environments. We also employ diverse human resources based on fair hiring practices and support proactive career development that best utilizes each employees'individual strengths.

CSR in sound corporate management

We maintain a system of internal controls, strive to enhance the reliability of group management, and disclose in a timely and appropriate manner information that is needed by stakeholders and shareholders.


Also, we pursue building awareness and education so that we can always act not only in compliance with laws and regulations but also in keeping with broader social ethics and in accordance with our values and standards of judgment.