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Sapporo Breweries’Collaborative Contract Farming System

Sapporo’s Beer Production through “Collaboration” between Fieldman and Growers for customer satisfaction

  • Planning
  • Pre-season meeting
  • Ple-harvest meeting
  • Post-harvest meeting

Sapporo Breweries promote the “Collaborative Contract Farming System” (CCFS) to provide customers in Japan with satisfying beer using safe and high quality ingredients of the barley and hops. The CCFS is Sapporo Breweries’ unique and unprecedented raw material procurement system which is based on the three pillars of 1) specifying the growing areas and the growers, 2) specifying the growing methods, and 3) communication between the growers and Sapporo Breweries. The Fieldman,  barley and hops specialists of Sapporo Breweries, directly visit the CCFS growing areas and growers throughout the world.