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Practicing CSR that Leverages the Sapporo Group's DNA

The basic elements that make up the Sapporo Group's DNA include its commitment to great taste, quality, and its frontier spirit, which have been fundamental since the Group's foundings. We believe that when each group company fulfills its responsibility to society through its business, and through leveraging this DNA heritage as its core principles, it will lead to the realization of the Group's management philosophy “As an intrinsic part of people's lives, Sapporo will contribute to the evolution of creative, enriching and rewarding lifestyles.”

The Sapporo Group carries out CSR activities with the aim of fulfilling its responsibilities to society, heightening stakeholder trust, and increasing corporate value by translating its management philosophy and policy into concrete results.

Sapporo Group's CSR

Sapporo Group’s CSR

Description of the vision the Sapporo Group aims to achieve through CSR activities for stakeholders.
Message from the President

Message from the President

Message to all stakeholders from the President of Sapporo Holdings.
Activity Report

Activity Report

Description of activities based on the Sapporo Group's important CSR Issues, which were established by picking out matters thought especially important in carrying out CSR management.
Collaborative Contract Farming System

Sapporo Breweries’ Collaborative Contract Farming System

Sapporo’s Beer Production through “Collaboration” between Fieldman and Growers for customer satisfaction.