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Sapporo Group’s CSR

In line with the Sapporo Group Basic CSR Policy, the Group carries out CSR activities with the aim of fulfilling its responsibilities to society, heightening stakeholder trust, and increasing corporate value by translating its management philosophy and policy into concrete results.
Overview of the Sapporo Group's New Management Framework

Sapporo Group Code of Corporate Conduct

The Sapporo Group Code of Corporate Conduct (the “Code”) is a fundamental policy to achieve the management philosophy of the Sapporo Group through the daily activities of its personnel and constitutes a basis for several codes and other rules established by each group company.
The Code centers on corporate ethics and aims for improving the corporate value of the Sapporo Group by encouraging actions based on concrete ethical views.

Sapporo Group’s CSR Implementation Structure

Sapporo Holdings formulates the overall policy for implementing the Sapporo Group’s CSR management and has established a Group CSR Promotion Committee. This Committee is chaired by the President, and Representative Director and the Group CEO. These three work together to handle coordination and adjustment within the Group.

Establishment of the Group’s Important CSR Issues

The Sapporo Group picked out matters thought to be especially important from among the various issues related to the conduct of CSR management and established the Sapporo Group's Important CSR Issues. These issues were finalized at a meeting of the Group CSR Promotion Committee held in November 2011. From 2012 onward, the Sapporo Group will implement specific initiative measures regarding these important issues.

CSR Field

Participation in the United Nations Global Compact

In October 2013, Sapporo Holdings became a participant in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), a cooperative framework between the United Nations and worldwide corporations to realize sustainable growth that is advocated by the United Nations. With ten principles in the four areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption, the UNGC asks companies to conduct responsible business activities. Under the Sapporo Group’s Basic CSR Policy, the Sapporo Group’s Important CSR Issues, and other internal directives, Sapporo Holdings has striven to promote CSR-focused management. Seizing the momentum of this opportunity to join the UNGC, we will take further initiatives to contribute to realizing a sustainable global society.