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Sapporo Group Code of Corporate Conduct

- For Corporate Ethics-


The Sapporo Group Code of Corporate Conduct (the “Code”) is a fundamental policy to achieve the management philosophy of the Sapporo Group through the daily activities of its personnel and constitutes a basis for several codes and other rules established by each group company.
The Code centers on corporate ethics and aims for improving the corporate value of the Sapporo Group by encouraging actions based on concrete ethical views.


The Code applies to all directors, officers and employees working for Sapporo Holdings Ltd. and its subsidiaries. Each director, officer and employee must fully understand the substance and the purposes of the Code and abide by the Code in good faith.

Roles of Directors,Officers and Employees

Directors, officers and employees shall abide by the Code and also make every effort to have all parties with whom the Sapporo Group is involved, including customers, business partners and shareholders, understand the purposes of the Code and obtain their cooperation.
Directors, officers and employees must be willing to take actions for establishing respect for the Code and having the Code understood and disseminated inside and outside the company.

The Sapporo Group, by continuously implementing the Code, is to develop further awareness of corporate ethics throughout the Sapporo Group and to use an effort to reinforce a system to prevent activities in contradiction to ethics.

Management Philosophy

Overview of Implementation

The Code has been established and may be revised by the board of directors of Sapporo Holdings Ltd. from time to time.
To be effective, the Code must be reflected in judgments and specific activities in daily operations. Specific measures for such purposes will separately be established by each group company.
In order to prevent violations of the Code, a whistle-blower system called the Sapporo Group Corporate Ethics Hotline has been established. (Sapporo Group Corporate Ethics Hotline is a system only for the group companies in Japan. Offices in each other country shall take appropriate action in accordance with their local systems and laws.)
A person who has violated the Code or allowed the Code to be violated may be subject to disciplinary action pursuant to the codes of each group company.

1. Relationship with Customers

1)  Pursuing Quality of Products and Services and Prioritizing Safety
  • We must correctly apprehend social needs and pursue high quality to be always supported by our customers in our provision of beneficial products and services.
  • Always prioritizing safety in our products and services, we must proactively take measures in the development, manufacturing and representation of our products and the provision of our services.
  • In the event of an accident, we must exert every effort to achieve a prompt response, appropriate public disclosure and prevention of aggravation of the accident in accordance with the spirit behind the Code.

2. Relationship with Community

1)  Respect for Human Life and Human Rights and Maintenance of Social Order
  • We must respect human rights of all persons regardless of inside or outside of the Sapporo Group. We must not discriminate against or harass others and we must not abet crimes, corrupt good public morals or invade privacy.
  • We must place the highest priority on safety in driving vehicles and be thorough in taking measures for preventing traffic accidents.
  • In light of the nature of alcohol, we must give social consideration in engaging in the manufacture, sale and advertisement of alcohol.
  • We must support moderation in alcohol drinking consistent with a healthy and joyful life while moving forward with measures to prevent alcohol abuse, such as underage drinking, driving while intoxicated, and drinking by pregnant and nursing mothers.
2)  Measures as a Member of the International Community
  • We must comply with laws and regulations in each country where we do business; respect local cultures, customs, and religions; be mindful of international norms; and maintain integrity in our corporate activities as a member of the international community.
3)  Measures for Environment Protection with a View to Realizing “Sustainable Community”
  • We must be conscious of the environment and take measures with a view to realizing a “sustainable community” in every business area and in all processes related to our products and services.
4)  Measures for Social Contribution Activities
  • We should proactively and regularly engage in a variety of social contribution activities.
  • We should thank local communities for their support and contribute to local communities based on comprehensive communication.
5)  Maintenance of Sound and Proper Relationships with Politics, Government and Community
  • We must not engage in bribery, improper contributions and gifts, and similar corrupt practices with government officials, political parties, and politicians anywhere. We must strictly refrain from activities that could give the appearance of impropriety in our relationships with politics and government and must maintain a sound relationship with them.
  • We must not have any relationships with anti-social forces or groups threatening the order or safety of the civil community.
6)  Proper Protection of Personal Information
  • When dealing with the personal information of customers, business partners, employees, shareholders, and other persons, we must lawfully and otherwise properly obtain, use, and properly maintain the confidentiality of such information.

3. Relationship with Business Partners

1)  Fair, Transparent and Free Competition
  • We should engage in sensible corporate activities consistent with a fruitful and lively civil community. In particular, we should compete fairly, transparently and freely in accordance with self-help and self-discipline awareness, upholding free market principles of self-responsibility. In doing so, we must strive to be thorough about corporate ethics through, among other things, compliance with laws and regulations and observation of social norms.
  • We must not engage in illegal conduct, and also we must not pursue profits by unjust methods or engage in unfair activities.
2)  Fair and Just Procurement
  • We must engage in procurement from a wide variety of suppliers, in a fair and clear manner, and under an easily understandable process.
  • We must not provide or receive personal benefits related to operations.
  • We should be interested in suppliers’ measures for, among other things, compliance with laws and regulations, respect for human rights and environmental protection related to raw materials, products, and services, and should try to fulfill social responsibilities in cooperation with suppliers.

4. Relationship with Employees

1)  Safe and Comfortable Working Environment
  • Recognizing that safety and the mental and physical health of our employees are indispensable for our business and complying with laws and regulations related to safety, we should strive to establish a comfortable working environment for employees.
  • We should maintain and improve our human resources system and working conditions, through which employees can enjoy and feel rewarded in their work, by respect of each employee’s personality and character and by each employee using his or her ability to the utmost to work proactively and eagerly.
  • We must respect our employees’ human rights and establish a working environment free of discrimination based on such characteristics of race, nationality, hometown, beliefs, sex, religion, physical characteristics, or socioeconomic standing.

5. Relationship with Shareholders and Investors

1)  Maintenance and Development of Internal Control System
  • In order to carry out proper business administration and continuously enhance our corporate value, we must try to improve transparency of management and reinforce monitoring functions by developing and maintaining a robust internal control system.
2)  Proper Disclosure and Management of Corporate Information
  • We must properly disclose management information in a timely manner regarding our corporate financial condition, business activities, and similar matters.
  • We must take measures to help shareholders and investors understand Sapporo Group more deeply through our investor relations activities.
  • We must properly manage the use of insider information based on the Sapporo Group Rules for Preventing Insider Trading.
3)  Proper Utilization and Management of Corporate Assets
  • We must strictly manage and efficiently utilize our corporate assets. Directors, officers or employees must not misuse corporate assets for private purposes.
  • We must properly protect and manage our intellectual property rights including corporate patents, trademarks and copyrights, and trade secrets.