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Sapporo Group Quality Assurance System

(Established November 30,2011; revised January 1,2016)

Commitment to safe, reliable products and services

As a matter of course, Sapporo Group is committed to meeting legal and regulatory requirements and otherwise ensuring full compliance throughout its operations, but as a corporate group handling food and beverages, it is also committed to ensuring the safety of its products and services throughout all its operations worldwide.

It is this commitment that enables us to deliver safe, reliable products and services to our customers stably and continuously.

In order to achieve quality assurance that our customers can trust, it is important to foresee quality-related issues and take preventive measures and, if any issue should arise, to take corrective action to avoid reoccurrence and implement that corrective action properly across the Group.

All Sapporo Group employees strive constantly to meet these responsibilities by working to improve quality and by continuously enhancing our own systems for managing quality and food safety.

Quality and Food Safety Philosophy

The Sapporo Group Code of Corporate Conduct calls on us to pursue quality in our products and services and make safety a priority. We strive to become a corporate group trusted by customers, unified by our common target of preventive quality assurance.

This involves continuous efforts to develop the human resources and the quality and food safety management system that support our safe, high value-added products and services. Through such efforts, we deliver products and services that inspire confidence among our customers.

Quality and Food Safety Action Guidelines

1)  Our satisfaction means moving customers and winning their trust.
2) We promptly and appropriately respond to all requirements of laws, regulations and society.
3) We value customer opinions and carry out activities visible to customers without losing an objective viewpoint.
4) We understand the latest trends and changes regarding quality and food safety, question what problems are involved and promote innovation to overcome them.
5) We make sure our philosophy and action guidelines are widely known by all participating members, and enhance teamwork and a sense of unity.

Food Safety Programs

The Sapporo Group identifies food safety- or quality-related hazards that could cause defects in the products or services it provides and determines food safety programs to control those hazards. We ensure that these food safety programs function appropriately by using a management system based on global standards and performing a PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle.