Sapporo Innovation Labs

Our R&D will accelerate new food value creation to achieve further growth of the Sapporo Group.

The Sapporo Group’s
R&D Vision
We will deliver happiness and satisfaction to our customers through the continued creation and production of food.

Cross-Functional R&D Structure “Sapporo Innovation Labs”

The Sapporo Group established a cross-functional R&D structure, “Sapporo Innovation Labs,” with the goal of creating technology synergies.

We are advancing R&D efforts that will lead to further growth as global food company group under this structure. We will enhance our R&D competitiveness with a focus on promoting collaboration in the Group and accelerating open innovation as we expand our business fields and activities, in order to expand our market presence in the world.

Cross-Functional R&D Structure “Sapporo Innovation Labs” Cross-Functional R&D Structure “Sapporo Innovation Labs”

Four research areas That Lead to Food Value Creation

As part of our efforts to facilitate new value creation, we have organized the Sapporo Group’s strengths into “Four research areas” and positioned them as a source of R&D competitiveness. Through research centered on food materials that are focal points for the Group, we will be able to explore the intrinsic value of those materials and create new value for our customers.

  • Learn about customers

    Learn about customers
    Food information science

    We create new value by thoroughly communication with our customers to determine what they consider delicious and how they choose goods and services.

  • Seek out new tasty food

    Seek out new tasty food
    Research into the materials and functions

    We seek out the intrinsic value in our food materials that lead to the production of tasty food, such as barley and hops, as well as other materials including lemons, soybeans, and lactic acid bacteria.

  • Create new tasty food

    Create new tasty food
    Manufacturing and processing technology

    All products offered by the Sapporo Group are subject to manufacturing and processing technology to deliver products of the best quality to customers.

  • Ensure tasty food

    Ensure tasty food
    Quality assurance

    We leverage advanced analysis technologies at each stage of the production process, from raw materials to the final product, thereby supporting the Sapporo Group’s quality assurance system for ensuring food that is tasty, reliable, and safe.