Management Strategy

Message from the President

Sapporo Group will pursue unique value and contribute to prosperity not only in Japan but also “worldwide
by creating Wealth.”

President and
Representative Director of
Sapporo Holdings Limited

Masaki Oga

I would like to open this message by expressing my heartfelt gratitude for your continuing support and interest in the SAPPORO GROUP.

We have pursued innovation and quality improvement based on " communication" with customers through the products and services we offer, expanding our scope to include the beer business, general alcoholic beverages, food&soft drinks, restaurants, and real estate.
Brand is our important asset which we have been established with our customers.

By responding to change and taking on new challenges, we will further let this brand shine domestically and internationally, and aim for solid growth as a "brand company with individuality."

In addition, we recognize that the promotion of sustainability management, which tackles various issues in the global environment and society facing the entire world, is a role that a company should naturally play.
We believe that " contributing to Well-being of People and Local Communities " will lead to the realization of our management philosophy of " As an intrinsic part of people’s lives, Sapporo will contribute to the evolution of creative, enriching and rewarding lifestyles" and the creation of "economic and social value."

We ask all of our stakeholders for their continued support, and look forward to further advances in SAPPORO GROUP.