Manufacturing and processing technology

Major Research Findings (Submitted papers)


Dec. 2018

Behaviour of hop-derived branched-chain esters during fermentation and unique characteristics of Huell Melon and Ekuanot (HBC366) hops

BrewingScience, 71(Nov / Dec), 100–109 / Kiyoshi Takoi


Dec. 2017

Systematic analysis of behaviour of hop-derived monoterpene alcohols during fermentation and new classification of geraniol-rich flavour hops

BrewingScience, 70(Nov / Dec), 177–186 / Kiyoshi Takoi
Oct. 2017

Synergies between Hop-Derived Flavour Compounds

Brauwelt International, 35(V), 359-362 / Kiyoshi Takoi
Aug. 2017

Blend-Hopping Based on Scientific Evidence

Brauwelt International, 35(IV), 262-264 / Kiyoshi Takoi

Synergien zwischen hopfenbasierten Aromastoffen

Brauwelt, 157(34), 969-973. / Kiyoshi Takoi
Jul. 2017

Hopfenblends -wissenschaftlich erforscht

Brauwelt, 157(27-28), 783-787. / Kiyoshi Takoi
Jan. 2017

Diferencias en los compuestos aromáticos del lúpulo en cervezas lupuladas en frio

Brauwelt En Español ,21(1/17), 24-29. / Kiyoshi Takoi


Dec. 2016

Control of Hop Aroma lmpression of Beer with Blend-Hopping using Gerani-rich Hop and New Hypothesis of Synergy among HOP-derived Flavour Compounds

BrewingScience, 69(Nov / Dec), 85-93 / Kiyoshi Takoi

Die Suche nach dem Sortenaroma

Brauwelt, 156(48-49), 1445–1449. / Kiyoshi Takoi
Aug. 2016

Varietal difference of hop-derived flavour compounds in dry-hopped beers

Brauwelt International, 34(IV), 234-239 / Kiyoshi Takoi
May. 2016

Construction and Demonstration of a standardized HOP Boiled water Extraction Method and its application for a sensory Evaluation system of HOP Aroma characteristics

Journal of the American Society of Brewing Chemists, 74(3), 183-190 / Koichiro Koie
Feb. 2016

Varietal difference of hop-derived flavour compounds in late-hopped/dry-hopped beers

BrewingScience, 69(Jan / Feb), 1-7 / Kiyoshi Takoi


Mar. 2014

Screening of geraniol-rich flavor hop and interesting behavior of β-citronellol during fermentation under various hop-addition timings

J. Am. Soc. Brew. Chem., 72(1), 22-29. / Kiyoshi Takoi


Apr. 2013

Flavour compounds contributing to the characteristic flavour of new aroma hop cultivars

Brauwelt International, 31(II), 86-91 / Kiyoshi Takoi


Aug. 2012

Aromaverbindungen und der typische Geschmack von Aromahopfen-Neuzüchtungen

Brauwelt, 152(32), 916–921 / Kiyoshi Takoi


Dec. 2010

The Contribution of Geraniol Metabolism to the Citrus Flavour of Beer: Synergy of Geraniol and β-Citronellol Under Coexistence with Excess Linalool

J. Inst. Brew, 116(3), 251–260 / Kiyoshi Takoi
Apr 5, 2010

Biotransformation of Hop-Derived Monoterpene Alcohols by Lager Yeast and Their Contribution to the Flavor of Hopped Beer

J. Agric. Food Chem., 58(8), 5050–5058 / Kiyoshi Takoi


Aug 11, 2009

Specific flavor compounds derived from Nelson Sauvin hop and synergy of these compounds

BrewingScience, 62(July / August), 108-118 / Kiyoshi Takoi
Jun. 2009

Inactivatio of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris in Orange Juice by High Electric Field Alternating Current

Food Sci. Technol. Res, Vol.15, NO.3, pp185-191 / Takashi Inoue※ / 共著 独立行政法人農業・食品産業技術総合研究機構 食品総合研究所
Mar 25, 2009

Identification and Characteristics of New Volatile Thiols Derived from the Hop (Humulus lupulus L.) Cultivar Nelson Sauvin

J. Agric. Food Chem., 57(6), 2493-2502 / Kiyoshi Takoi


Dec. 2007

Identification of novel unique flavor compounds derived from Nelson Sauvin hop and development of a new product using this hop

Proc. 31st EBC Congr., 31, 241-251. / Kiyoshi Takoi

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