Investor Relations

Dividend Information

Dividend Policy

Providing fair returns to our shareholders is a key management policy of the Sapporo Group. Our basic policy is to pay stable dividends to the extent permitted by our operating performance and financial condition.
Meanwhile, pursuant to the Sapporo Group Long-Term Management vision "SPEED150", the company is working under the First Medium-Term Management Plan 2020, which calls for a dividend payout ratio of 30% (*) as a target for return of profits to its shareholders.

* If net profit for the current term accruing to the parent company shareholders changes significantly because of an extraordinary profit or loss stemming from special factor, the impact from this may be taken in consideration when deciding a dividend amount.

Fixed Date of Dividend Payout and Starting Date of Payout

Year-end Dividend
Date of record December 31
Payment date The following business day of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

In case the board of Directors meeting decides to pay out interim dividends, the company pays out in late August or early September each year to shareholders registered as of June 30.

Historical Data on Dividends per Share

Historical Data on Dividends per Share
Dividend per share (yen) Dividend per share after adjustment
(yen) (*)
FY2018 42
FY2017 40
FY2016 37
FY2015 7 35
FY2014 7 35
FY2013 7 35
FY2012 7 35
FY2011 7 35
FY2010 7 35
FY2009 7 35

* On July 1, 2016, the company carried out a share consolidation at a ratio of 1 share for 5 shares of the company's common stock. Accordingly, values for the dividend per share after adjustment in above table have been calculated on the assumption that the share consolidation took place at the beginning of the fiscal year 2009.