We are determined to remain a group that is trusted by society by conducting business in a way that keeps our customers happy.

Since the Sapporo Group’s founding in 1876, we have existed in harmony with society and have been sustained by the happiness of our customers as we forged our path to the present.
From here on, the Sapporo Group will aim to grow as a company and contribute to sustainable social development by remaining an honest group that makes customers happy, based on its Management Philosophy: “As an intrinsic part of people’s lives, Sapporo will contribute to the evolution of creative, enriching and rewarding lifestyles.”

Sapporo Group’s CSR

Our 4 Key Promises for Strengthening Bonds through Our Brand Story

The Sapporo Group will inherit a brand story grounded in its over 140-year history as a collection of aspirations it wishes to share with its stakeholders.
In addition, through its CSR activities, the Group aims to connect this brand story to the future.
In line with our 4 Key Promises, which summarize our CSR initiatives, we will forge ahead with our CSR endeavors in a bold and swift manner.

Sapporo Group Policies and Regulations

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