Co-prosperity with Society

Through alcoholic beverages, food and beverages, and towns, we connect people to each other and provide enrichment and affluence to people's lives.

Mutual Prosperity with Local Communities

Since its establishment, the Sapporo Group has been grateful for the support of the countries and regions in which we operate, and we have been committed to community-based initiatives through communication. We will continue to work together with our stakeholders to revitalize local communities and resolve issues through our business to create a sustainable society and a better future.

Providing Health Value

"Health" is an important element in the well-being of people and communities. In addition to delivering the health value of lemon and other botanical ingredients to our many customers, we are promoting initiatives to contribute to the health of local residents in our real estate business.

Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

Based on the Group's Procurement Basic Policy and Supplier Sustainability Procurement Guidelines, we work together with our partners in the supply chain to respect human rights and reduce environmental impact. We ensure fair and equitable transactions with our suppliers and solve issues together to achieve stable procurement.

Other initiatives