Promoting Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)

The Sapporo Group’s Promotion of Diversity

The Sapporo Group’s Management Philosophy is “Contributing to the evolution of creative, enriching, and rewarding lifestyles.” In order to achieve this goal, we have defined the basic philosophy of our personnel strategy as “Go beyond boundaries.” “Going beyond boundaries” means transcending one’s personal limits, going beyond organizational divides, and going beyond business and national borders. It is only when we nurture each other and acknowledge our differences to create strengths that we can go beyond boundaries—and we believe that this will lead to the realization of our Management Philosophy. To this end, the Group will continue to respect diversity—of gender, age, disability, nationality, education and work experience, employment type, values, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.—recognize and incorporate human resources with diverse ideas and thoughts, and reinforce environments that enable each employee to fulfill his or her maximum potential.

Employment of Diverse Human Resources

The Sapporo Group is founded on its “Open and Fair” mentality. The hiring policies of each Group company is based on this mentality, along with individual company characteristics and environments, to hire diverse human resources without distinction of nationality, gender or educational history, etc.

See here for employment status of the Sapporo Group

Sapporo Breweries Employment of Diverse Human Resources

Sapporo Breweries Employment of Diverse Human Resources

Sapporo Breweries believes that diversity promotion and work style reforms are the foundations on which to realize its vision of “Enriching the Lives of our Customers.” To this end, with the establishment of the Diversity and Inclusion Promotion Group, its Medium-to-Long-Term goal is to promote diversity in the following ways: by creating a climate in which the benefits of diversity are acknowledged and utilized; by cultivating diverse human resources and providing support for them to flourish; and, by ensuring diversity influences both the market and company results.

Application and cultivation of diverse human resources Application and cultivation of diverse human resources

Promotion of Women’s Participation

The Sapporo Group creates an environment in which “women can naturally and continuously participate with a sense of satisfaction” as the gateway toward respect and application of all diversities. As an important issue, the Group is working to build a pipeline of human resources by actively nurturing female employees who are capable of influencing corporate management through decision-making and the creation of new value.

Sapporo Holdings

The 2026 target for Sapporo Holdings and its four operating companies is to have 12% female directors and 12% female managers. They have created a roadmap and are working on a rolling basis to achieve this target. In FY2023, the companies worked toward the early development of female mid-career workers. This effort included holding dialogue meetings and seminars with top management, making top-level front-line workers responsible for the development, and creating a mechanism for active involvement in human resource development plans. As a result, as of December 31, 2023, Sapporo Holdings and the four operating companies had 7.9% female directors and 6.7% female managers, a 1.3% increase in the ratio of female managers. Sapporo Holdings has set the goal of achieving 30% female directors and 20% female managers by 2030 and aims to evolve into a company that takes advantage of differences and takes on the challenge of change.

Percentage of female managers
Percentage of female directors

* SH and its four operating companies: Sapporo Holdings, Sapporo Breweries, POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage, Sapporo Lion, and Sapporo Real Estate

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: Companies with Female Participation (Japanese)

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Sapporo Breweries Efforts to Promote the Advancement of Women

Sapporo Breweries Efforts to Promote the Advancement of Women

Target year Target figure
Percentage of full-time female employees 2026 25%
Percentage of female recruits 50%*

* Fair judgment is made on the basis of merit, ability, and aptitude, regardless of gender, in accordance with the type of human resources we are seeking.

Support and development of diverse human resources

Systems Other initiatives
  • Teleworking system
  • Super flextime system
  • Work-interval system
  • NR (national/regional) system (that allows employees to apply for working in a fixed area for reasons such as childcare or nursing care)
  • Spouse-equivalent benefit plan coverage for employees' partners
  • Career support system
  • Career reinstatement system
  • Open job posting system
  • In-house internship system
  • Internal side job system, outside side job system
  • Dispatch of female employees to external organizations
  • Holding the Cross-Industry Diversity Forum
  • Co-hosting the Food Industry Diversity Forum
  • Training for course conversion to career-track positions
  • Distribution of nursing care handbooks
  • Creation of a guidebook to support balancing medical treatment and work
  • Holding training for women's career and leadership development

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare: Data on companies promoting women's activities

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Fostering a culture that recognizes and leverages diversity

Programs Other initiatives
  • Partial paid leave for child care
  • Introducing “work style reform” and “diversity” elements in management evaluation
  • Paternity leave after childbirth
  • Holding cross-industrial opinion exchange meetings of senior members
  • Distribution of childcare support guides
  • Implementing improvement plans based on employee awareness surveys, etc.
  • Creation of manuals for employees taking childcare leave and guidebooks on childcare and housework
  • Conducting awareness survey on various personnel systems
  • Holding LGBTQ+ training
  • Holding an inclusive leadership training for management positions

* These programs are not limited to women, but are widely available.

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage Efforts to Promote the Advancement of Women

POKKA SAPPORO FOOD & BEVERAGE's efforts to promote women's activities

POKKA SAPPORO believes that promoting diversity is a key management strategy for realizing its management vision.
The company seeks both to recognize and to take advantage of the diversity of each of its employees, and so create an environment in which they experience both comfortable working conditions and job satisfaction as they develop; at the same time, as a company that contributes to the realization of sustainable societies, POKKA SAPPORO implements a variety of personnel systems and measures with the aim of continually providing new values required by its customers.
In particular, the promotion of women's activities is positioned as the first step in the realization of D&I, and the entire company, from directors to front-line managers, is committed to early development of women by expanding the range of jobs and providing them with diverse work experience.

Programs Other than designated programs
  • Teleworking system
  • Superflex system
  • Planned paid leave acquisition system
  • NA conversion (a system that enables employees to work at their preferred workplaces for reasons of child-raising or care-giving)
  • Planned job rotation
  • Holding training and seminars
  • Attending external seminars
  • Career support consultations
  • Recruitment of diverse human resources
  • Public relations activities and information sharing
  • Dialogue meetings with board member

POKKA SAPPORO receives “Eruboshi” certification for promoting women’s advancement and participation in the workplace


POKKA SAPPORO is working to revise its personnel system, support career development, and establish wholesome working environments in order to support the activities of its employees. With regard to the promotion of women's activities, we have been conducting career support interviews for employees who are raising children, seminars for female managers, etc. In recognition of the environment in which women can work comfortably and the status of their activities, in 2020, it received “Eruboshi (second level)” certification, given to companies that promote women’s advancement and participation in the workplace.

Nagoya City Recognized as a Company that Promotes the Advancement of Women

Nagoya City Recognized as a Company
Nagoya City Certification Mark for Companies Promoting Women's Participation.

Received the Excellence Award in 2022 in recognition of our efforts.

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare Companies promoting women's activities

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Sapporo Lion Promotes Women’s Participation

Sapporo Lion Promotes Women’s Participation

Sapporo Lion is taking steps to "promote the creation of a workplace where female employees can work with enthusiasm for a long time and increase the ratio of female employees in managerial positions.

  • [Recruitment] Activities to increase the ratio of female employees by actively recruiting female employees, both career-track and career employees (strengthening recruitment website, assigning female recruiters).
  • [Training] Improve skills through in-house training and participation in group training for female employees.
  • [Establishment] Promote changes in the corporate culture, and improve the quality of relationships with staff through personnel evaluation interviews and a tutor system.
  • [Promotion] Selecting employees for managerial posts through "entrance-type promotion and development" based on the position definitions in the skill map and past evaluations.
Sapporo Real Estate Efforts to Promote the Advancement of Women

SAPPORO REAL ESTATE’s Efforts to Promote the Advancement of Women

In accordance with our management vision of“Nurturing Towns from the People,” Sapporo Real Estate will develop our business to create new value that is empathize with each and every one of our stakeholders, who play leading roles in the towns and society. At a time when people’s values and environments are changing drastically, we must also re-envision the future of real estate business, respect the individuality and diversity of all employees not being bound by existing frameworks, foster an organizational culture where each employee can exercise his/her capabilities to the fullest, promote the creation of comfortable working environments, and develop human resources whose individual characteristics get to shine.

Support and fostering of diverse human resources, personnel system

Programs Other than designated programs
  • teleworking systems
  • Super flextime systems
  • Side job within an organization
  • Reduced working hours system for childcare
  • Continuous employment system
  • Use of satellite office (Corporate Contracts)
  • Spouse-equivalent welfare and benefit systems for employee partners
  • Holding training and seminars
  • Attending external seminars
  • Dispatch of female employees to external organizations
  • Diversity Forum for Different Industries held
  • Food Industry Diversity Forum jointly held
  • Diversity recruitment
  • One-on-one meeting
  • Career support consultations

Employment of Individuals with Disabilities

All companies within the Sapporo Group have initiatives toward employing individuals with disabilities.

See here for number and ratio of employed individuals with disabilities

Major activities

  • Questionnaires for employees with disabilities and their supervisors
  • Employment of individuals with mental disabilities
  • Training for managers hiring individuals with disabilities

Re-employment of Mandatory Retirees

As the population ages and more baby boomers retire, each company in the Sapporo Group has established programs to re-employ mandatory retirees, based on the Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons, and with the aim of handing down the experience, knowledge and technical expertise of seniors to the next generation.

Initiatives by Four Operating Companies

Initiatives by Four Operating Companies

Sapporo Breweries

Sapporo Breweries introduced its Retiree Re-employment Program in 1993. In April 2006, this was revised to become the Partner Program; it was then revised again into the New Partner Program in April 2013, to address the raising of pensionable age. In order to expand the choice of work styles it offers, in June 2020 the company made revisions to its Continued Employment Program. This program promotes employment of senior citizens past the age of 60, with continued employment of retirees and re-employment training and support for those who do not wish for continued employment.

POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage

In anticipation of the 100-year life period, we revised our continuous employment system in July 2020, which is one of the ways to work after retirement.
We are expanding career options by providing opportunities to work as a player on the same level as regular employees.

Sapporo Lion

The “Meister Employee Program” was incorporated in March 2006 to rehire individuals after mandatory retirement, with the aim of actively applying their experience and expertise in “food preparation and service technique.” Support for re-employment preparation is provided, such as seminars related to careers and pension programs before retirement, and also consultation desks for life planning for individual consultation. Furthermore, a restart holiday lasting approximately one month is provided upon retirement.


The "partner system" has been introduced to promote the activities of senior employees after the age of 60, in order to utilize their experience, knowledge and know-how and to pass them on to the next generation.

Consideration of Employment of Foreign Individuals

Sapporo Lion Initiatives

Sapporo Lion Initiatives

Consideration of employment of foreign individuals

More than half of the employed foreigners are part-time staff who are studying in Japan or are foreign students. It is mandatory for these students to have permits along with other requirements, to engage in activity other than their education. There are many Chinese students working as food preparation support staff, and thorough sanitation activities such as sanitation management manual videos with Chinese subtitles are being taken to eradicate any risks in hygiene due to differences in cultural habits. Furthermore, students working as servers who have an especially good command of Japanese play an active part in serving tourists from Asian countries.

Support for balancing child-rearing, nursing care, and medical treatment with work

The Sapporo Group supports the balance between childcare, nursing care, treatment and work through an easy-to-work system and open dialogue with employees. We have set up a way to contact external experts for inquiries about child-rearing and long-term care, etc. Starting in 2022, we are disseminating videos on long-term care throughout the Group.

Sapporo Breweries Work-Life Balance Initiatives

Sapporo Breweries Work-Life Balance Initiatives

Next-Generation Certification Mark “Platinum Kurumin”
Next-Generation Certification Mark
“Platinum Kurumin”

Sapporo Breweries is continuously striving to expand its systems and promote their use, mainly through the Next Generation Development Project, which consists of representatives from the company and the labor union. As a result of its efforts to date, the company received “Platinum Kurumin” certification from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in 2017 as a top-level company committed to supporting childcare. Currently, the company is promoting the use of systems such as flexible work hours and telework to make it easier to balance work and family life and is continuing to implement support measures to ensure that Sapporo Breweries' human resources remain healthy both physically and mentally. Then, the company achieved 100% male maternity leave utilization rate in 2023. Sapporo Breweries will continue to create workplaces where employees can continue to work energetically while balancing work and child rearing, and develop an environment in which all employees can fully demonstrate their abilities.

* Platinum Kurumin
Companies which have attained goals established in their general employer action plans and satisfied certain standards based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, may apply for certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Kurumin Certification) as a “Child Care Company.” The “Kurumin Mark” is proof of this certification. Furthermore, as incorporation of work balance systems and use attain a greater level, certification of Platinum Kurumin has also been launched for companies evaluated as having a high standard of activities. The “Platinum Kurumin Mark” is proof of a company with high-level initiatives.


Sapporo Breweries introduced the NR system in 2016 to provide employees who wish to stay active in the company with options to continue working, even when it is difficult to relocate for reasons such as childcare or nursing care. “N” refers to the national type of relocation with nationwide transfers, and “R” refers to the regional type of relocation with transfers within an area block.
Sapporo Breweries will continue to develop an environment that encourages employees to balance work and childcare.
In addition, Sapporo Breweries promotes initiatives that lead to the strength of the company by enhancing systems and dialogues that make it easier to work for employees with cancer.
The company has established a system that allows employees to continue working in a flexible manner while continuing medical treatment by introducing a paid time off system, Super Flex system, and teleworking. In 2019, the company also launched Can Stars, an in-house community for employees who have suffered from cancer to share their experiences in the company and collaborates with other companies. In 2022, the Guidebook for Supporting a Balance between Work and Cancer and Other Medical Treatments, which compiles information necessary for balancing treatment and work, was revised into three editions (one for the individual, one for superiors, and one for coworkers) with the participation of "Can Stars" members, emphasizing the viewpoints of those involved.

Guidebook for Supporting a Balance between Work and Cancer and Other Medical Treatments
Guidebook for External Use [For Supervisors] Support for Balancing Cancer and Other Medical Treatments with Work
Guidebook for External Use [For Colleagues] Support for Balancing Cancer and Other Medical Treatments with Work

* When creating your own guidebook on support for balancing work and cancer treatment, please state on the last page of the guidebook, etc., that "This guidebook is based on the "Guidebook for Supporting Work-Life Balance with Cancer and Other Medical Treatments" by Sapporo Breweries, Ltd.

In recognition of these initiatives, Sapporo Breweries received the Partner Award for Cancer Control Promotion (in the category of the Support for Balancing Cancer Care and Work) in the 2022 Awards for Companies Promoting Cancer Control. The awards are sponsored by the Corporate Action to Promote Cancer Control, a project commissioned by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Sapporo Breweries also received the Gold Award for five years in succession from 2018 to 2022, and the newly established Diamond Award at the highest level in 2023, in the Gan-Ally (Cancer Ally) Declaration Awards; these awards are hosted by Gan-Ally-Bu, a private project that addresses the issue of cancer and work. POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverages received the Silver Award for five years in succession from 2019 to 2022.

Providing Child-rearing Help through Child-rearing Support Website

Child-rearing support website

Sapporo Breweries opened its child-rearing support website in 2006. Based on the results of an employee survey conducted in 2021, we created an income simulation sheet for employees during childcare leave to eliminate the most common concerns about income. We have also prepared a variety of tools and posted them on our website so that men can consider long-term childcare leave early on and take it with peace of mind.
The site also includes information based on employees' comments and experiences with childcare, with the aim of "further understanding and utilization of the childcare support system," "male participation in childcare," and "understanding by members of the workplace.
The site is used by many male employees as well as female employees, and has helped to create an environment where workplace members can warmly watch over employees who are raising children.

Support for Balancing Nursing Care and Work

At Sapporo Breweries, each employee may take five days of long-term care leave annually per person receiving long-term care. Moreover, we have disclosed a book that aims to help balance long-term care and work on the intranet as well as have set up a way to contact external experts on long-term care. We also hold long-term care seminars for anyone interested.
Managers are all asked to watch seminar videos about guidelines for long-term care, basic knowledge of long-term care, and prevention.

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage's Work-Life Balance Initiatives

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage's Work-Life Balance Initiatives

Next-Generation Certification Mark “Kurumin”
Next-Generation Certification Mark

POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage has put in place various systems to support employees in balancing work with childcare, nursing care, and medical treatment, thereby creating a workplace where employees can work with peace of mind. These include a childcare and nursing care leave system (with some paid leave for childcare), a vacation system, a system of shorter working hours and staggered working hours for childcare and nursing care, and a system of limiting work areas for specific periods of time. On the company’s intranet, a manual for childcare and nursing care support is available. The company has also set up a consultation service with external specialists who can provide advice on private matters such as childcare, nursing care, and medical treatment.
Moreover, the company has implemented a flextime system, a teleworking system, an hourly paid leave system, pre-leave/pre-return to work consultations, career support interviews, and a system to encourage male employees to take childcare leave, as well as training and other measures to create a safe and comfortable work environment. These initiatives are designed to help employees achieve a better work-life balance while increasing productivity. In recognition of its efforts, Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage has received “Kurumin” certification as a company that supports raising next generation children and has been certified as a childcare support company by Nagoya City. The company has also won the silver prize of "Cancer Ally Award" for five consecutive years since 2019.

Sapporo Lion Initiatives for Work-Life Balance

Sapporo Lion Initiatives for Work-Life Balance

Sapporo Lion has established a system to take childcare/nursing care leave in order to support employees in balancing work with childcare and nursing care.

For employees returning to work after childcare leave, we use a shortened working hour system and a staggered working hour system, such as specializing in lunchtime work, to achieve a good work-life balance.

Sapporo Real Estate Work-Life Balance Initiatives

SAPPORO REAL ESTATE’s Work-Life Balance Initiatives

In order to support a balance between child-rearing, long-term care, and medical treatment, Sapporo Real Estate has instituted a child-rearing and long-term care leave system along with systems for shortened working hours and staggered working hours to allow for child-rearing and long-term care, as we strive to provide workstyles that suit every individual lifestyle. Moreover, we are working to create a workplace where everyone can work comfortably by respecting diversity, including a flextime system, a teleworking system, an hourly paid leave system, pre-work reinstatement interviews, career support interviews, encouraging male employees to take child-earing leave, use of satellite offices, and fully remote working arrangements, giving employees freedom in terms of workstyles and offering backup to facilitate work-life balance.