Sapporo Group Basic Environmental Philosophy and Basic Policy

Sapporo Group Basic Environmental Philosophy

(Established December 16, 2003; revised December 20, 2010)
In accordance with our management philosophy “As an intrinsic part of people's lives, Sapporo will contribute to the evolution of creative, enriching and rewarding lifestyles,” the Sapporo Group is committed to ensuring that each and every one of its employees strives to protect the global environment and acts proactively to create a sustainable society throughout the entire lifecycles of the products and services that the Group provides in all of its business fields.

Sapporo Group Basic Environmental Policy

1. Foundational elements


We will comply with laws, regulations, ordinances, and community rules relating to the environment and establish voluntary control standards.

Interactive communication with stakeholders

We place a high value on gaining the trust of all our stakeholders and will therefore emphasize interactive communication while also making appropriate information disclosures.

2. Vision

Sustainable society

We aim for a sustainable society so that our Earth can be preserved for future generations. Specifically, we will make efforts in the following three areas:

Establishment of a decarbonized society

To mitigate global warming, we will work to decarbonize our operations by reducing energy consumption at every stage of the life cycle, including manufacturing and transportation.

Realization of a recycling society

To achieve the efficient and effective use of limited resources and reduce our environmental impact, we will promote the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) at each stage of all corporate activities, from raw material procurement to disposal and recycling.

Creation of a society in harmony with nature

To protect nature's living things and maintain their habitats, we will be conscious of the need to preserve biodiversity at various stages, including community development, raw material cultivation, and manufacturing.

3. Means


We will endeavor to develop and provide environmentally friendly products and services. We also will strive to adopt innovative technologies and methods.

Heightened environmental awareness

We recognize environmental protection as an important group-wide management issue and encourage each individual to fully utilize his or her unique strengths to help us meet the challenge of this issue on a sustained basis.

Sapporo Group Basic Environmental Policy