Resolve Regional Issues Using Our Own Resources

Sapporo Breweries

Regional development projects

At Sapporo Breweries, New Business Development Department・Food Service Sales Division, has begun activities to provide support for regional food ingredients branding and sales channel development with the aim of "continuously contributing to the resolution of regional issues."
In order to contribute to solving issues in regional development together with local governments, through the introduction of food ingredients as part of our support for restaurants, we hold events to match producers with restaurants and support menu development, which leads to continuous transactions of regional food ingredients and contributes to regional sales.

Regional Development Projects

POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage

For the development of domestic lemons

For the development of domestic lemons

Dietary education for daily meals

We, through dietary education activities related to lemons (such as lemon classes), convey to many customers the inherent value and health functions that lemons possess.

Dietary education activities supporting everyday eating habits

10 素材のチカラで、地域の健康に貢献

”TOCHI and CRAFT” using domestically produced ingredients

Embracing the desire to spread the culture and traditions of each region, we advocate the concept of "TOCHI and CRAFT" and offer beverage products that are dedicated to rare ingredients from various parts of Japan.

Shaping the Thoughts and Dedication of Local People: TOCHI and CRAFT

”TOCHI and CRAFT” using domestically produced ingredients