Procurement Basic Policy・Supplier Sustainability Procurement Guideline

The Sapporo Group Procurement Basic Policy

Under the Group Procurement Basic Policy, the Sapporo Group implements procurement of safe and reliable raw materials, other materials, goods, services and more, to provide high-quality products and services that is supported by customers. We will construct partnerships with clients through fair and equitable transactions. We will go forward with environmental conservation and sustainability initiatives, with the cooperation of our clients.

Customer-oriented/Quality-oriented principles

We will make efforts toward procurement of safe and reliable raw materials, other materials, goods, services and more, in accordance with the “Group Quality Principle,” to prioritize the quality and safety of products and services.

Fair and transparent transactions

Client selection will be decided on an overall evaluation of elements such as safety, quality, price, technological abilities, delivery dates, reliable supplies, and client sustainability activities.
By widely opening our gates to domestic and international procurement, in principle, we implement procurement activities by initially receiving estimates from multiple clients, thus providing fair and equitable opportunities for all.

Construction of relationships of trust with clients

We aim to construct long-term relationships of trust and strive for mutual prosperity with our clients.
Any personal information or business secrets provided by clients will not be disclosed to unrelated parties both within and outside of the company without the client’s permission.

Compliance with laws and social norms

We will comply and implement the “Sapporo Group Code of Business Conduct” and the “Sustainability Policy” along with complying with social norms.
Employees handling procurement will not conduct any personal transfer of profits related to their tasks with any client and will not solicit contributions such as donations.

Environmental conservation

We will aim for a sustainable society to hand down a sustainable planet to the next generation by promoting procurement activities based on the Sapporo Group’s “Basic Environmental Policy” and “Basic Green Procurement Policy.”

Sapporo Group
Supplier Sustainability Procurement Guideline (March 2018)

--A request to our shareholders—

Sapporo Holdings started participating in the “United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)” from October 31, 2013. The UNGC initiative promotes responsible conduct from corporations under ten principles in the four categories of “Human Rights,” “Labour,” “Environment,” and “Anti-Corruption.”
Since then, sustainability necessary for corporations has become more important than ever. This is seen in the shared global goal for society, the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” presented at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in September 2015.
The Sapporo Group will actively make efforts toward related SDGs, to enhance the relationship of trust we have between domestic and overseas shareholders, and to contribute toward creating a sustainable society. However, this activity cannot be implemented only by the Group. Understanding and cooperation from all suppliers of raw materials is necessary, and there is a need for the entire supply chain to undertake sustainability initiatives. Up to this point, our Group has implemented procurement activities under the “Sapporo Group Procurement Basic Policy.” However, to promote understanding and cooperation from our suppliers, we have established a new “Sapporo Group Supplier Sustainability Procurement Guideline” based on the Basic Procurement Policy. Our goal is to create a wholesome and enrichened society by implementing mutual communication with suppliers on the following six themes, along with sustainability cooperation. We ask for you active participation in this matter.

1. Safety/Quality
2. Compliance
3. Human Rights/Labor
4. Environmental Conservation
5. Coexistence with Society
6. Alcohol-Related Issues

March 2018

Detailed Guideline Description (296KB)

Sapporo Group Human Rights Policy