Stakeholder Engagement

As a business practice done in earnest and in accordance with its sustainability policy, the Sapporo Group works toward proactive and appropriate disclosure of information and mutual communication in order to deepen trust between the Group and its stakeholders.

Stakeholder Major Engagement Opportunities Specific Examples of Activities
  • Customer consultation window
  • Brewery and factory tours
  • Events
Shareholders/ Investors
  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Financial results briefings
  • Individual dialogues with domestic and foreign institutional investors
  • Publication of report
Clients and related companies
  • Daily communication
  • Group procurement basic policy, procurement from a Sustainability perspective
Employees and their families
  • Graduated and department specific training
  • Mental health care
  • Labor unions
  • Corporate ethics hotline
  • Intranet
Regional societies
  • Next-generation training
  • Regional contribution activities
  • Disaster-recovery efforts
  • Environmental conservation activities

Specific Examples of Activities


“Lemon University” food education program
“Lemon University” food education program

POKKA SAPPORO is communicating the value and health functions of lemon through lemon-related nutrition education activities (lemon classes, etc.). Through online videos featuring "Lemonja," the lemon ninja, customers of all ages, from children to adults, can learn about the unknown secrets and power of lemons.


Supplier policy briefing sessions
Supplier policy briefing sessions

Sapporo Breweries and POKKA SAPPORO hold an annual policy briefing with their main suppliers in Japan in order to share efforts related to procurement. We ask suppliers to implement and submit self-checks on their Sustainability efforts. At the same time, we encourage any inquiries as to whether we are performing activities in line with the Group procurement basic policy. In doing so, we are working to build a two-way relationship with our suppliers.

Stakeholder Dialogue


The breeding technologies and initiatives,
This section introduces our thoughts on breeding in a unique Sapporo Group story.

As society becomes increasingly concerned about the transition to a decarbonized society and the risks of climate change, what kind of message should the Sapporo Group send to local communities and consumers based on the “brand” it has cultivated over its long history?Professor Naoya Hasegawa of Hosei University's Faculty of Human Environment was invited to discuss various aspects of brand communication and storytelling unique to the Sapporo Group.

Stakeholder Dialogue

The direction Sapporo Group should take
A query into the Sapporo Group CSR, 140 years after its founding

On November 9, 2017, we invited Hideki Ishida, an Honorary Professor at the Tohoku University and Representative of the Earth Village Research laboratory to the Sapporo Holdings main office for a stakeholder’s dialogue. Discussions from various perspectives varied from topics such as whether the Sapporo Group CSR sentiments have been reaching stakeholders to what should be prioritized when promoting CSR.

Active IR actions

Analyst briefings
Analyst briefings

Sapporo Holdings conducts telephone conference financial results briefings twice a year which corresponds to the quarter disclosure system, in addition to financial results briefings for domestic stock brokerage firms and institutional investors. These meetings incorporate documents and videos for comprehensive briefings, and all content is published on the IR library within the company webpage. IR activities by management towards overseas investors are conducted, in which long-term strategies are explained. Furthermore, audio content of the briefings is also published on the webpage for investors who could not attend meetings. Additionally, IR activities such as one-on-one meetings for domestic and international institutional investors, which are held 160 times or more a year, and participation in group meetings organized by stock brokerage firms are also being conducted.

Information disclosure using various IR tools

Sapporo Holdings incorporates various IR tools for intimate communication with our stakeholders and investors. Our IR website offers timely information with detailed financial results that are published as necessary through our efforts to deliver fresh information without domestic and overseas time-lags.

Major IR tools

Publications Publication time
Once a year
Every quarter
Once a year
Every half-year
Renewed as necessary