Success of Human Resources

Human resources are the source of all our value creation

In realizing the basic policy of its medium-term management plan, “Beyond150 - Transforming the business structure for new growth -,” the Sapporo Group has positioned its human assets strategy as a pillar of its management platform, by raising the slogan of "Leveraging diversity to create a go beyond Boundaries, challenging positive change.” The human assets strategy defines “Actively investing for speedy growth,” “Promoting diversity,” “Increasing engagement and promoting health,” and “Fostering management talent” as priority measures, and will reliably support the management strategy based on more specific action plans and KPIs.

Human Assets Strategies

Mixing SAPPORO’s Strengths into Three Human Assets Strategies to Enable the Realization of the Medium-Term Management Plan
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[Basic Policies of Medium-Term Management Plan] Realizing “Beyond150 - New Growth Through Business Structure Transformation -”
Leveraging differences to create a cross-border group, challenging positive change

Human Assets Strategy

Strategy (1) Strategy (2) Strategy (3)
Enhancing diversity, creating a more dynamic workplace, and challenging positive change Investing in human capital to increase growth and productivity, making individuals and organizations stronger Promoting health, safety and security, and respect for human rights, demonstrating individual potential 100%
Priority Issues and Main Measures Non-financial KPIs
  1. Promoting diversity
    • Promoting diversification of management and chiefs
    • Nurturing early on female mid-career professionals
  • Percentage of women in management positions: 12%
    * End of Sept. 2022: Executives 8.3%, Managers 5.4%
  1. Flexibly utilizing on internal and external human resources
    • Human resource allocation suitable for the business PF
    • Hiring advanced career personnel
  • Personnel changes among operating companies: 200
    (146 employees in 2022)
  • Number of employees with internal and external side business experience: SB300
    (73 employees in 2022), expansion to group
  1. Actively investing for growth with speed
    • Fostering global core human resources
    • Securing DX/IT human resources
    • Reskilling
  • 100 global core human resources
    * Experienced in overseas business, those subject to global human resources enhancement measures, etc.
  • 200 DX/IT key human resources
  1. Increasing engagement and promoting health
    • Reforming more as an attractive company (performance, compensation, and systems)
    • Working flexibly with diverse values
    • Supporting mental toughness
  • Work engagement 54 or more
    (53.6 in 2022)
  • Presenteeism loss 33.4% or less
    (34.4% in 2022)
  1. Fostering management talent
    • Grooming management successor
    • Leveraging HR Tech
  • Building on management succession plan for operating companies (SH+4)
  • Visualization of human capital information

Linkage to Management Strategy

Reorganizing the Business Portfolio Growth of Overseas Business Reinforcing Profitability of Core Businesses

Improved cash generation with growth and returns in excess of capital costs

ROE CAGR of EBITDA CAGR of Overseas Net Sales
8% Around 10% (compound annual growth rate) Around 10% (compound annual growth rate)

Corporate Value Improvement

Respect for Human Rights

Active Participation of Diverse Human Resources

We aim to be a company where diverse human resources working in the Sapporo Group are healthy in mind and body, challenge and cross borders in new areas with vibrant, cheerful and positive energy, and create new values one after another.