Providing Health Value through Our Business

Specific Initiatives


Contributing to a Smile and Healthy by daily meals

POKKA SAPPORO offers a variety of products and services to contribute to the health and vitality of our customers. In the lemon business, which is our focus, we will contribute to our customers' daily dietary life by delivering the value and appeal of lemons, including the health value research results we have developed through the production and sale of lemon products and their cooking functions.

Sapporo Real Estate Development

In August 2023, Yebisu Garden Place Tower received the highest rank of "S" in CASBEE - Wellness Office Evaluation Certification, which evaluates the health, comfort, intellectual productivity, safety and security of workers.

The CASBEE-Wellness Office Evaluation Certification is a third-party organization accredited by the Institute for Housing and Building SDGs (IBECs) that evaluates both hardware and software initiatives that support the maintenance and promotion of office worker health and comfort, as well as factors that contribute to improved intellectual productivity. The certification also covers factors that contribute to improved intellectual productivity, as well as initiatives related to safety and security. The certification covers the common areas of the property and our office (3rd floor). The property was completed in August 1994 as a landmark in Ebisu.
In the nearly 30 years since then, the company has achieved a high level of health and comfort through continuous value-added and operational management and other innovations. This has resulted in the highest rank of "S".
As of July 2023, it is the first rental office property in Tokyo that is more than 20 years old to receive the S-rank certification.

Sapporo Real Estate Development