For Further Customer Satisfaction

Operation of Customer Support Desks

Sapporo Breweries

Sapporo Breweries develops its business operations under the corporate philosophy of a “rich and rewarding lifestyle for our customers,” aiming to be a company that is trusted by customers and can offer new ways of enriching lives and enjoyment. Therefore, to further promote customer-oriented management, we have declared our “Independent Consumer-Oriented Statement.”
Furthermore, initiatives to apply “customer opinions” into business activities through constructing management systems for customer correspondence based on “ISO 10002/JIS Q 10002” certifications are also being promoted.

POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage / Sapporo Lion

"Customer support desks" are provided at each company to apply customer feedback as valuable management information. The collected customer feedback will be discussed at related departments toward new product development and improvement of products and services.



At Yebisu Garden Place, in addition to accepting inquiries by phone, information staff respond to customer inquiries remotely.
Additionally, customers can contact the company 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via AI chatbot from the website.

Furthermore, initiatives for swifter service are being taken at the information desk at the Sapporo Factory—it is always ready to receive inquiries and requests from customers at the counter, by phone, or via a dedicated form on the website.

Incorporating Customer Feedback

The Sapporo Group strives to provide better products and services by taking advantage of the various feedback from customers.

We made it possible to see the remaining amount of ”Koime lemon sour base.”
In response to customers' comments that they cannot see how much is left in the bottle, we created a window on the label so that they can see the remaining amount at a glance.

We also launched the RTD canned product "Sapporo Koime no Lemon Sour" and "Koime no Lemon Sour no Moto PET 1.8L" in response to customers' comments that they wanted us to release a larger capacity product and a convenient can type.


More examples can be found at the links below.

Sapporo Breweries Customer Center: “We have taken advantage of customer feedback” (Japanese)

POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage Customer Counselling Room: “We have taken advantage of customer feedback” (Japanese)


POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage strives to make its products as easy to use and easy to understand as possible for all people based on the “Universal Design Policy.”

POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage: Universal Design Initiatives

Adopting an easy-to-read font (Universal Design font) for soup products
Utilizing UD (Universal Design) compatible fonts, the company strives to make the necessary information on food product postings as easy to read as possible.

* For the soup product in the example, “AP-OTF UD Shin Go” font is used, which adopts an easy-to-read design with less susceptibility to character crushing due to environmental and other factors.

Universal Design Initiatives

Sharing Customer Feedback

Regular compilation of customer feedback on the Club LION app

We share the suggestions and opinions received from our customer service center with our stores and business units to recognize the strengths and areas for improvement of our own stores, and plan and execute them to "improve the quality of our stores."

Information Disclosure to Customers

The Sapporo Group offers information on products and services to customers through the internet. Sapporo Breweries has a “Customer Support Desk” within its webpage, along with frequently asked questions from customers and corresponding answers. The published content is updated as necessary, in the company’s efforts to always provide new information.
The Sapporo Lion webpage offers information on restaurants according to area, business category, intent of use. The website supports the customers’ search for the perfect restaurant by offering various methods of searching.

Product Development with Customer Health in Mind

Product development with customer health in mind
Salt reduction with POKKA SAPPORO's Ureshio

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare has designated the recommended amount of daily sodium intake within the dietary reference intake for Japanese people. It is said that Japanese citizens tend to intake more sodium than is recommended in this standard.
Along with introducing tips on how to reduce the amount of sodium eaten in a tasty way by including lemons in one’s diet, POKKA SAPPORO has released the low-sodium “Lemon no Okage Ureshio” as a part of its activities to raise awareness toward sodium reduction.
“Lemon no Okage Ureshio” does not modify its reduced-salt taste by adding potassium chloride, but uses the acidity of lemons for sodium reduction, enabling customers who are watching their potassium intake to use the product like conventional salt.

* There is a miniscule amount of potassium e in “Lemon no Okage Ureshio” from the raw materials used (32.7 mg per 100 g)


In 2019, POKKA SAPPORO acquired the "Karushio Certification" from the National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center. The company is sampling the product as a tasty way to reduce salt intake.

* Karushio is a new way of thinking about salt reduction in which salt is used lightly to bring out the flavor of the product.