Human Capital Investment for Growth and Productivity Improvement

Human Resource Development and Training

Basic Policy on Human Resource Development

The Sapporo Group believes that human capital is the source of value creation for all of us, and we promote it throughout the Group so that each of us can maximize our individual strengths and develop our careers independently. We will drive the enhancement of corporate value along with individual growth by promoting diversity and executing human capital investment for speedy growth. To realize these strategies, we will also support human capital development based on the characteristics of each Group company.
We aim to be a company where diverse human resources working in the Sapporo Group are healthy in mind and body, can take on challenges and cross borders into new areas, and create new values one after another with energetic, bright, and positive energy. To this end, we are working to improve our internal environment.

Human resource training program

Sapporo Holdings

To achieve “growth in overseas business” and “improvement of profitability in core businesses” as targeted in the Medium-term Management Plan, we have identified management, global, and DX/IT as the three areas in which we will invest intensively and rapidly. To this end, we have positioned the securing and development of human resources as a key issue.

Management Human Resources Development

Sapporo Holdings aims to secure sufficient managerial human resources through the Sapporo Group Succession Plan, and is systematically developing them at each Group company.

Management Human Resources Development

Global Core Human Resources

To secure 100 employees as global core human resources, which is one of the KPIs, Sapporo Holdings is working on human resource development by defining the requirements and establishing training, assignment, and education plans.

Global Core Human Resources

DX/IT Human Resource Development Program promotes "All Employees as DX Human Resources"

DX/IT Human Resource Development Program promotes All Employees as DX Human Resources

As part of our efforts to develop and secure human resources, one of our DX business environment development initiatives, we have launched the "DX/IT Human Resource Development Program" starting in 2022. This program aims to expand the number of human resources capable of promoting DX and IT projects while utilizing external educational programs, and consists of three steps.
The first "All Employee Step" targets approximately 6,000 employees and aims to develop human resources with basic knowledge of DX/IT through e-learning. In the subsequent "Supporter Step," about 900 DX/IT promotion supporters will be trained, and in the "Leader Step," about 200 DX/IT promotion leaders will be trained to improve the Group's overall strategic promotion capability by 2023.
After 2024, we plan to establish a system that enables self-driven human resource development within the company. After that, we aim to further expand our DX/IT human resources through ongoing human resource development measures, such as the formation of real and virtual communities and the creation of opportunities for post-development activities.

DX/IT Human Resource Development Program promotes All Employees as DX Human Resources

Group Human Resources Development Initiatives

Category Programs 2023 Note
Number of persons Total hours
Management human resource development Leadership Development Program (LDP) 8 460 Next generation management human resource development
Participation in external training programs 6 763
Global human resource development Global Resource Development Program for Coming Generation (GLE) 8 296 Young global human resource development
Global Leadership Essentials (GPC) 8 760 Global leader development
DX/IT human resource development Training for all employees 4,800 33,600
Training to develop key human resources 199 10,450
Training for executives and managers 155 382
Training before role change Training for new branch managers 49 882
Training for promotion 299 3,724 Management and general employees at all levels
Manager development D&I training 1,000 4,000 Unconscious bias training
Career training Career development training for seniors (58 years old) 101 606
New employee training New employee training (group joint training) 84 2,772
Self-development support Correspondence education 425 -
Language learning support 145 -
Investment in Human Resource Development (SH and 4 operating companies)   Unit: million yen

We have been actively investing in human resources, the key management base for our business strategy. As a result, the investment in human resources development in 2023 amounted to 279 million yen, approximately three times the amount invested in 2020.

Human Resource Development Initiatives of Sapporo Breweries

Human Resource Development Initiatives of Sapporo Breweries

Formulation and operation of succession plans

Sapporo Breweries’ vision for human resources is to develop personnel capable of creating the Sapporo Breweries of tomorrow, and of undertaking new challenges and generating results.
It shares with Sapporo Holdings a development policy that indicates “employees are responsible for shaping their own careers.”
Sapporo Breweries supports the self-actualization of its employees, providing them with the tools required to carve out their own stories. It also creates opportunities for employees to teach and learn from one another and engage in friendly rivalry; in this way, they absorb new lessons and make new realizations, which they then put into practice at their respective workplaces, leading to concrete results.
The company also strives to deepen its understanding of diverse human resources and strengthen management's ability to draw out the strengths of each individual. Training sessions for managers are held every year on themes such as "psychological safety" and "1-on-1 practice" as training for evaluators. (100% participation rate in 2022)

2020 2021 2022
Total training expenses (million yen) 56 95 189
Total training hours* 14,907 13,915 15,851

* Total hours of group training organized by the Human Resources Department (training hours x participants)

Major career support structures of Sapporo Breweries (System chart)

System chart System chart

Including Sapporo Holdings


Received the Award of Excellence at the 4th Platinum Career Awards

Received the Award of Excellence at the 4th Platinum Career Awards

The Sapporo Group considers all employees to be "human assets" who are the company's treasure, and believes that their individuality and ability to do things are what make the brand shine. We aim to be a company where employees are healthy in mind and body, cheerfully and positively taking on new challenges and crossing borders in new areas, and are happy to work for the Group. We encourage all employees to "carve out their own career" and have established various systems and frameworks that enable them to independently develop their careers while providing a wide range of learning opportunities.
In recognition of these efforts, we received an award for excellence at the 4th Platinum Career Awards*.

* Organized by Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. in cooperation with Toyo Keizai Inc. and supported by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Formulation and operation of Succession Plan

Sapporo Breweries has formulated and is operating a Succession Plan to identify and develop human resources for the next generation of leaders.
The company strives to develop them by dispatching approximately 40 people each year to management development programs and giving them opportunities for experience based on stretch assignments. Once every half year, a management meeting is held to confirm progress and review the training plan.

New entry-level employee training with the “tutor program”

Sapporo Breweries introduced the “tutor program” in 1988. It is a new entry-level employee training program which has been handed down over the past 30 years. Senior employees in the same workplace are appointed as tutors and receive tutor training to offer detailed guidance to new employees with support from workplace managers and colleagues.
The benefits of the program are twofold: new employees can achieve peace of mind by sharing any concerns or worries they have about their job, increasing motivation and accelerating work-readiness; for tutors, too, this program becomes an opportunity for growth, as they learn guidance techniques and make new realizations through earnest teaching activities.
Once a month until the following March, new employees write reports on their learnings and any questions they may have. The tutors and superiors in turn then check and comment on each report, with superiors also providing comments for the tutor. The participation of superiors in the education process helps foster an awareness that the entire workplace is cooperating in nurturing the new employees.
These activities are also published within the in-house intranet. The status of other new employees and tutor comments can be viewed, for further motivation and mutual growth.
As the environment surrounding the company continues to change, the growth of “human resources” is crucial. The tutor program is within the Sapporo Breweries DNA as an initiative for new employee growth, tutor growth, on-site growth and for the company’s growth as well. It is recognized as a program that needs to be continued and developed.


"Open recruitment training" for shaping their own careers

Open recruitment training for shaping their own careers

Grasping the opportunity to overcome one's own issues
At the beginning of the year, Sapporo Breweries conducts a questionnaire survey on the intranet regarding "training themes you would like to take", and conducts open training sessions focusing on the themes that received the most votes.
This is a popular program that reaches its capacity immediately after the application period starts. Each year, several themes, such as "basic marketing" and "basic finance," are covered to encourage employees to learn.
Through this program, the company is trying to create a corporate culture where employees do not wait to be given learning opportunities, but rather raise their hands and go for it.


Toward a Universal Sapporo: the Global Resource Development Program for Coming Generation (GPC)

Toward a Universal Sapporo: the Global Resource Development Program for Coming Generation (GPC)

In order to nurture human resources capable of assuming responsibility for overseas businesses
Every year Sapporo Breweries implement the Global Resource Development Program for Coming Generation (GPC).
In Japan, the program aims to improve understanding of other cultures, and strengthen negotiation and presentation skills in foreign languages through the use of native instructors. It also incorporates practical training overseas, including visits to countries such as Singapore and Vietnam where Group companies operate.
In Singapore, employees undergo training at POKKA CORPORATION (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD., which has a strong presence in the country, visit areas with various different cultures, and communicate with local residents; in this way, the program aims to increase the output capability of its participants. In Vietnam, program participants engage in a variety of activities, including visits to SAPPORO VIETNAM LTD. production bases and other Japanese companies operating in the region, and exchanges of opinions with employees who work there.

Sapporo Technical Academy

Skill development through practical training

Creating customer satisfaction and excitement from employee satisfaction! Based on this philosophy, Sapporo Technical Academy offers more than 20 training courses mainly for members involved in manufacturing at Sapporo Breweries. In the brewing skills training, each participant, including sales members, makes 5 liters of beer by hand in the company's own facilities so that they can experience the entire process, from mixing ingredients to bottling, with all five senses. After bottling, each participant attaches his/her own label to the beer to complete the “his/her own beer” as the final product, and performs a sensory evaluation. This training allows participants to learn the principles of beer brewing.

The Academy also provides training related to process control, including mechatronics training, to deepen understanding of complex, sophisticated, and automated equipment and to improve problem-solving skills. Furthermore, the Academy is also engaged in the accounting training and other training programs aimed at systematically learning the basic accounting knowledge required from a management perspective and contributing to improved profitability.

In the 28 years since its establishment, the Academy has sent over 7,000 graduates, and plays an important role in supporting Sapporo Breweries' quality in human resources.

Sapporo Technical Academy
“Brewing Technology Training” allows participants to brew beer by hand, from combining raw materials to bottling
Sapporo Technical Academy
“Mechatronics Training” offers practical training using equipment for process control


10 Okatoume, Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture 425-0013

Human Resource Development Initiatives of Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage

Human Resource Development Initiatives of Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage

To attain the philosophy of "Create the future food standard by facing up to people and society", initiatives that promote individual and organization growth are being implemented.
Educational opportunities related to management, strategical thinking, self-directed awareness and customer perspectives are provided, in hopes of creating new values that correspond to customer needs and changes in the environment, to give birth to anticipated results from each employee, and to also develop support measures that create team and organization results.

Career development support measures at POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage

Various training opportunities
Training per stage
Selection/nomination type training
Open training (skills): logical thinking, problem-solving skills
Open training (mindset): career development, self-leadership
Special training per work category
International training program
Self-development support
Assistance for correspondence education fees
Incentive program for qualification acquisition
Support for language learning
Short-time workshops
Human Resource Development Initiatives of Sapporo Lion

Human Resource Development Initiatives of Sapporo Lion

Sapporo Lion aims to be a “company consisting of human resources that create results” by heightening motivation and job satisfaction through appropriate evaluation of work results according to each position and role.
Programs such as special training per work category which directly affects daily tasks, along with training per stage and self-development support are also offered. The self-development support program provides aid for correspondence education fees and for acquiring qualification. This will aid in the acquisition of expert knowledge and techniques, which will reinforce skills and hospitality mentalities to cultivate employees that can respond to customer needs.

Career development support measures at Sapporo Lion

Training per stage
Manager leadership training
Branch manager training
Head chef training
Training per work category
Service trainer coaching
Food preparation practical training
Practical training for various tasks, etc.
Self-development support programs
Support for qualification acquisition (sake taster, shochu taster, sommelier, balloon fish preparation, restaurant service technician, etc.)
Assistance for correspondence education fees
Human Resource Development Initiatives of Sapporo Real Estate Development

Human Resource Development Initiatives of Sapporo Real Estate Development

Sapporo Real Estate Development aims to have an increasing number of employees who create the future, are willing to take on challenges, and continue to change and grow on their own so that they can look forward to a better tomorrow for themselves, their colleagues, and the company. To this end, the company has significantly increased its investment in human resources.
In addition to qualifications that are useful in business, Sapporo Real Estate Development encourages employees to get professional qualifications necessary to play an active role as real estate professionals and has established a support system for public qualification acquisition where the company bears the necessary expenses. Using skill maps, the company is trying to improve the skills of each individual and assist further personal growth. The company has also increased its human resource development expenses to the level of the U.S. average and conducts e-learning and other programs throughout the year.
To promote DX human resources, Sapporo Real Estate Development is training all employees to become DX and IT promotion supporters and aims to develop and assign 15 DX and IT leaders by 2026. The company encourages all employees to get IT passports and G certifications as well as provides proactive reskilling opportunities.

Recommended qualifications for retention and examples of use in work

Business role
1st-class Kenchikushi (architect)
Planning buildings, management of designs and construction, etc.
Real estate transaction agent
Tenant sales
Explaining essential points related to buildings when signing lease contracts, etc.
ARES (The Association for Real Estate Securitization) Certified Master
Real estate investment
VA securitization investment・ Equity investment in real estate private placement fund
Human Resource Development Initiatives of the Sapporo Group Logistics

Human Resource Development Initiatives of the Sapporo Group Logistics

Sapporo Logistics’ Human Resource Development University (nicknamed Logistics University)

In an era of severe environmental changes surrounding logistics, Sapporo Logistics considers human resource development to be one of the most important issues, and has opened and operated the Logistics University since 2019, with the aim of fostering and developing human resources to promote logistics reform throughout the Group. Every year, participants from various divisions as well as logistics divisions from Group companies participate in the program, and a total of 104 people have completed it by 2023. The Logistics University provides opportunities for a wide range of activities, from acquiring basic knowledge of logistics to raising SCM-based issues that lead to business strategies. These are opportunities for participants to interact with each other and engage in friendly competition to think more deeply about logistics.
Since logistics and management are closely related, the Logistics University is working to provide learning opportunities not only for the University students, but also for management and all Group employees. One of these is the Open Seminar, in which prominent lecturers from outside the company are invited to speak on issues that encompass the value chain, covering management, organization, front-line operations, and DX. This is an opportunity for Group employees to view logistics issues as their own.

Logi Daigaku

Health and Productivity Management

Health management initiatives

The Sapporo Group launched its Health Management Project in 2017, and have been making efforts toward strengthening the health management promotion system and foundation for raising employee health awareness under the Sapporo Group Health Creation Declaration.
Through the health promotion of the Group's employees, we aim to ensure that our human resources, an important management base, "contribute to the well-being of people in the communities in which we operate, in the time and space provided by all of our businesses."

Sapporo Group Health Creation Declaration

The Sapporo Group implemented its “Health Creation Declaration” in August 2017, with the belief that the physical and mental health of the Group's human resources will lead to the creation of happiness for employees, their families, and companies.

Sapporo Group Health Creation Declaration

  1. Initiatives to promote health of employees, who are the bearers of businesses, are implemented, which in turn leads to the Company’s growth.
  2. Healthy employees contribute to customer physical and mental health and happiness through the business areas of “Alcoholic Beverages,” “Food,” and “Soft Drinks.”
  3. Proactively making efforts toward health will create an attractive workplace and leads to sustainability as a company.

Building a foundation for raising employee health awareness and strengthening the health management promotion system

To raise health awareness and promote the health of every employee, which is the most fundamental of all, we are thoroughly working to achieve a 100% rate of regular health checkups and 100% rate of re-checkups for those who need early treatment every year. Employees who are found to require improvement in their health checkup results are interviewed by industrial physicians, public health nurses, and other specialists to encourage them to improve their behavioral habits. Furthermore, we are promoting various measures to change employees' health awareness and behavior together with our executives. As a result, since the start of our health management efforts in 2017, we have seen improvements in such issues as the smoking rate, the percentage of employees who are well rested from sleep, the percentage of employees with exercise habits, and the percentage of employees receiving health checkups for lifestyle-related diseases. The Sapporo Group places the goals of health management at reducing presenteeism and absenteeism and increasing employee engagement. We believe that addressing these issues will lead to success in our management challenges: diversified human resources, improved productivity and profitability, and sustainable growth. Moving forward, we will also develop health measures for the well-being of stakeholders.

Click here for various Sapporo Group health-related data

Employee safety and health

The Sapporo Group complies with the labor laws and regulations in the countries in which it operates and appropriately manages working hours and working conditions, in line with collective labor agreements and employment regulations. The Group also aims to achieve zero occupational accidents and reduce excessive working hours to ensure the safety and health of its employees.
Executives of each Sapporo Group company monitors and supervises health and safety practices at the Group Sustainability Committee held twice each year.

Health Promotion Systems

Health Promotion Systems

The Sapporo Group, with the President and Representative Director of Sapporo Holdings as the chief executive officer, works strongly with health insurance unions, company executives, health and safety committees, industrial medical staff, labor unions, and general employees to promote mental and physical health and a healthy workplace environment. Since 2020, we have appointed “health ambassadors” to promote health in a more accessible manner; their role is to increase the frequency of health-related topics in everyday conversation.

Medium-Term Health and Productivity Management Plan (2023-2026)

Medium-Term Health and Productivity Management Plan (2023-2026)
KPIs for 2026:
Continuation of follow-up visits to medical institutions for emergency treatment recipients 100%
Re-examination rate for those requiring precise medical examinations 100%
Percentage of individuals eligible for specific health guidance (40 years old and above) Less than 20%
Implementation rate of specific health guidance (40 years old and above) 55% or higher
Health check-up attendance rate for lifestyle diseases (40 years old and above) 100%
Health check-up attendance rate for lifestyle diseases (40 years old and above) 50%
Attendance rate for gynecological health check-ups (all ages) 70%
Percentage of individuals who engage in exercise at least 2 times a week over a year, with each session lasting 30 minutes or more 50%
Smoking rate Less than 12%
Percentage of individuals with high stress levels Decrease from the previous year

Investment in health

The total investment of Sapporo Holdings and its four operating companies for periodic medical checkups, subsidies for lifestyle-related disease screening, workplace stress surveys, occupational health nurses, and e-learning on health was approximately 92 million yen in FY2021, 94 million yen in FY2022, and 94 million yen in FY2023.

Changes in the amount of labor loss

The amount of labor loss per employee of Sapporo Holdings and its four operating companies calculated from the sum of absenteeism and presenteeism is as follows. The amount in 2021 was about 9.2 thousand yen less than in 2020, the amount in 2022 was about 97 thousand yen less than in 2021, and the amount in 2023 was about 30 thousand yen less than in 2022. (The amount of labor loss is calculated assuming an average salary of 5 million yen.)

Medical expenses

For Sapporo Breweries Health Insurance Association members, medical expenses per member, including dependents, 142,639 yen in 2019 and by 132,252 yen in 2020, and by 151,955 yen in 2021 (Health Scoring Report, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare).


Sapporo Group, Certified as an excellent health management corporation

2023 Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management (White 500) 2023 Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management Health management excellent corporation 2023 Health management excellent corporation 2023

In 2023, in the large corporate sector, SAPPORO HOLDINGS, SAPPORO BREWERIES, and POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage received the "Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management (White 500)," and SAPPORO LION was certified as an excellent corporation for excellent health management. In the small and medium-sized corporations category, two companies, Sapporo Real Estate Development and Sapporo Field Marketing, received the "Bright 500" certification for excellent health management, and YASMA was also certified as an excellent health management corporation.

  • SAPPORO HOLDINGS and SAPPORO BREWERIES (White 500 for seven consecutive years: 2017-2023)
  • POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage (six consecutive years: White 500 from 2018 to 2023)
  • SAPPORO LION (five consecutive years: White 500 from 2018 to 2020)
  • YASUMA (six consecutive years: 2017-2022, Bright 500 in 2021)
  • Sapporo Real Estate Development (2023: Bright 500)
  • Sapporo Field Marketing (Bright 500 in 2023)

Furthermore, initiatives such as campaigns to promote exercise and healthy eating habits and measures to improve participation in lifestyle-related disease check-ups and to promote anti-smoking measures with health insurance society cooperation are also being implemented. The certification this time was based on strategic approach to employee health from a management perspective.
The Sapporo Group continues to make further efforts to improve the wellbeing of its employees.

Regular health check-ups

At the Sapporo Group, so that our employees can work healthily and safely, every year we hold regular health check-ups for our employees in line with the Industrial Safety and Health Law; for employees at high risk of developing health-related issues, occupational physicians, public health nurses, and other health care workers provide individualized aftercare. 100% of our employees take the regular health check-ups, and 100% of employees requiring emergency treatment participate in follow-up treatment.

Dental health

Sapporo Breweries Health Insurance Association provides an environment for free dental checkups. Furthermore, educational materials and videos on the impact of periodontal diseases on systemic health are available on the intranet.

Lifestyle-related health check-ups (cancer screening)

The Sapporo Group believes that prevention and early detection of serious illnesses are important issues to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism. In addition to lifestyle-related disease checkups (cancer checkups) for all employees aged 35 and older, we offer gynecological checkups for female employees aged 34 and younger, which lead to early detection of cancer.
The Sapporo Group has set a goal of 100% of employees aged 40 and over receiving health checkups for lifestyle-related diseases and 50% of employees (of all ages) receiving gynecological checkups by 2026. To promote the medical checkup rate, the Group companies and Sapporo Breweries Health Insurance Association subsidize a certain amount of the medical checkup fee. For gynecological checkups, we subsidize and recommend checkups for all ages. Starting in 2021, the subsidy for gynecological checkups for those 34 years old and younger has been increased to encourage younger employees to receive the checkups. The time required for the gynecological checkups is treated as working hours, the same as for regular checkups. The importance of cancer screening is regularly communicated, and those who have not yet been screened are repeatedly encouraged to do so by the administration office, labor and health management personnel in each area, and their supervisors. We conduct surveys of those who have not yet received medical checkups to investigate the causes and their requests, and are working to make improvements, such as increasing the number of medical facilities where they can receive the checkups.
As a result, the average medical checkup rate for all Group employees aged 40 and over in FY2022 was 83%, up approximately 9% from FY2021, and 84% in FY2023. The gynecological checkup rate has improved year after year, reaching 59% for all ages, exceeding the KPI of 50%. However, the low medical checkup rate of 38% for those 34 years old and younger is still a matter to be addressed.
We will continue to aim to improve the medical checkup rate for early detection of serious diseases through reminders to those who have not yet made medical checkup appointments, lectures, events to share experiences of people who have experienced cancer, and dissemination of scientifically based information on the intranet.

Mental health

At the Sapporo Group, in order to promote mental health and stability, every year we carry out stress checks, and provide consultations held by occupational physicians, clinical psychologists, public health nurses, and other mental health experts.
We have established internal helplines so that employees who have health concerns can contact public health nurses; we have also established third-party telephone helplines that can be accessed by employees and their families 24 hours per day, as well as third-party helplines that can be accessed via the Sapporo Breweries Health Insurance Society website; in this way, employees can access all manner of consultations via both telephone and the internet.
In 2020, we started a new survey that integrated employee awareness survey, stress check, and health survey. Through a complex analysis that includes the causal relationship between the survey results, environmental factors, and lifestyle, we will link this survey to the planning and implementation of various measures aimed at creating a work environment.
As preventive measures for mental illness, we conduct seminars on self-care, awareness of line care, and mindfulness. In addition, materials and videos of study sessions are available on the intranet on the relationship between exercise habits, healthy eating habits and mental health, and the importance of healthy behaviors to compensate for the decrease in physical activity during the commute as a new way of working for telecommuters.

No-smoking strategies

Smoking has a significant impact on health and labor productivity not only for the smoker themselves but also for second-hand smokers. The Sapporo Group regards smoking control as a priority issue and is continuously working on it.
In 2019, we began closing smoking areas on Swan Day (the 22nd day of every month; Swan Day is a monthly no-smoking day promoted by the Tobacco Control Medical-Dental Research Network). We have also implemented a smoking ban during working hours at our business companies since January 2022. Smoking areas were eliminated in the Sapporo Group Head Office building in July 2020, and company cars used by our sales departments became smoke-free in January 2021.
The Sapporo Beer Health Insurance Association offers fully subsidized online smoking cessation programs to those who wish to participate. A new online smoking cessation program was added in 2021 to be fully subsidized, and a new cashback program for smoking cessation outpatient was launched to strengthen smoking cessation efforts.
Study sessions based on scientific evidence, such as the risks of passive smoking and the effects of smoking cessation, are held for health management personnel and health ambassadors, and materials and videos are shared and utilized within the Group. Smoking rates have decreased over the years, with the average smoking rate for Sapporo Holdings and its four operating companies decreasing by 1.8% from 2021 to 2022.
We held a seminar for directors and executives on the importance of non-smoking and workplace health culture in 2023 and have distributed the video within the Sapporo Group. Approximately 80% of respondents to the post-survey indicated that the seminar was helpful. We will further promote anti-smoking measures to achieve the mid-term plan target of 12% or less by 2026.

Promoting women’s health

The Sapporo Group offers e-learning programs on women’s health and seminars by gynecologists to reduce presenteeism and create a workplace where everyone is considerate of each other. Materials and videos on menopause are also available on the intranet. The seminar participation rate of managers in 2022 was about 91% for Sapporo Holdings, Sapporo Breweries, and POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage, and 25% for Sapporo Lion. In the post seminar questionnaire in 2022, the total percentage of respondents who were very or somewhat satisfied with the seminar was approximately 90% (approximately 600 respondents). The participation rates for e-learning program on women's health for directors and employees in 2022 were 67% for Sapporo Holdings and Sapporo Breweries, 68% for POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage, and 30% for Sapporo Lion.
In 2023, we conducted video distribution on women's health, and provided women's health seminars by gynecologists and e-learning program on women's health. The seminar participation rate of managers in 2023 was approximately 91% for Sapporo Holdings and Sapporo Breweries, 92% for POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage, and 70% for Sapporo Lion. In the post seminar questionnaire in 2023, the total percentage of respondents who were very or somewhat satisfied with the seminar was approximately 90% (approximately 684 respondents). The participation rates for e-learning program on women's health for directors and employees in 2023 were 77% for Sapporo Holdings and Sapporo Breweries, 60% for POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage, and 35% for Sapporo Lion.

Improving health literacy through e-learning

We provide e-learning opportunities for executives and employees on subjects such as women's health, diet, nutrition, drinking, and smoking.

Measures to promote healthier behavior habits

Daily lifestyle habits are closely related not only to mental and physical health and presenteeism, but also to future healthy life expectancy. The Sapporo Group is developing participatory programs to create opportunities for employees to adopt healthy behavior habits and to improve their health literacy.
While the percentage of people who have exercise habits has been increasing year by year, the way of working has been changing since the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the increase in telecommuting. Under such circumstances, we need to correctly communicate the seriousness of the health effects of reduced physical activity and to improve health awareness and behavior. We are widely encouraging employees to increase daily physical activity and participate in exercise programs, considering exercise habits as a key issue. Sapporo Breweries Health Insurance Association sponsors a walking campaign (twice a year). In 2022, the campaign was held twice in spring and fall, with a total of 1,900 participants. In 2023, 2,077 people participated in the campaign.

Lifestyle Habit Improvement Challenge Campaign held once a year is a participatory scheme in which materials on the mental and physical health benefits of each program are distributed to executives and employees, and they select a program whose content they want to make a habit of and work on it. Group companies are engaged in this campaign in teams to activate their communication. In 2022, approximately 3,730 executives and employees of the Sapporo Group participated. In 2023, more than 4,100 people from 24 Group companies participated in the campaign. The campaign offers following programs: three exercise programs (walking, radio calisthenics, and stretching/strength training), and five dietary programs (taking breakfast every day, taking plenty of vegetables, taking lemon every day, taking plant's milk every day, and taking non-alcoholic beverage), and a smoking cessation program. Of the participants, 47.7% chose exercise related programs, 51.3% dietary related programs, and 0.9% the smoking cessation program. In the post-campaign questionnaire, 80% of respondents answered that their health awareness had “increased” or “increased somewhat” and about 80% of them said they were able to carry out the program 3 to 5 days a week or more. The questionnaire also showed a correlation between workplace conversation on health and the increase of health awareness/behavior.

We continue efforts for improving health literacy and promoting mental and physical health by holding lectures for Group employees, disseminating health information based on scientific evidence on the intranet, and raising health awareness on the health insurance association's website and in the association's newsletter. As a result of these efforts, the percentage of employees in the Sapporo Group who exercise at least 30 minutes a day, twice a week, and the percentage of those who have already made lifestyle improvement efforts are increasing year by year. In 2023, we are providing information on self-checks for locomotive syndrome and frailty, preventive and remedial measures for such conditions that can be taken while employees are still working, and good practice examples of health.
In 2023, we also informed Sapporo Group managers responsible for creating healthy workplaces about the relationship between personal and organizational health and the importance of daily health considerations as part of the Sapporo health management initiative. We will continue to integrate the results of periodic health checkups, stress checks, and employee awareness surveys to investigate cause-and-effect relationships and implement PDCA cycles that will lead to the measures to be taken next.

Initiatives for proper drinking practices

The Sapporo Group has established the Basic Policy and Action Guideline for Proper Drinking and is working to prevent drinking under the age of 20, holding seminars on proper drinking for university students and companies, and thoroughly enforcing regulations on advertising, publicity, and product labeling.

Promote Responsible Drinking

  • To promote responsible drinking, Sapporo Holdings offers an annual e-learning program for employees of Sapporo Breweries and Sapporo Breweries Group companies. The participation rate was 98.5% in 2021, 99.9% in 2022 and 99.7% in 2023.
  • The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT), an annual alcohol consumption survey is conducted for directors and employees of Sapporo Holdings and its operating companies to provide an opportunity for them to learn about their own alcohol consumption. Approximately 3,000 responded in FY2021, 3,300 in FY2022, and 3,300 in FY2023 in the AUDIT.
  • Study sessions on proper drinking are held for health ambassadors, and lecture videos are used to promote proper drinking. Videos are also created and utilized for public health nurses and other alcohol sobriety counselors.

Membership in the Kenko Kigyokai

Through activities aimed at facilitating corporate health management, Kenko Kigyokai (corporate wellness association) enables companies to transcend their boundaries and share issues and solutions pertaining to the promotion of corporate health management. SAPPORO HOLDINGS is a member of the Kenko Kigyokai and takes active part in its activities. We will continue to strive for both corporate health management and social well-being.

Kenko Kigyokai

Health Support for Supply Chain

Supplier Sustainability Procurement Guidelines are established to aim a healthier and more prosperous society through two-way communication with suppliers and collaborative efforts to address sustainability, including the health of employees.

Basic Procurement Policy and Guidelines

Sapporo Breweries Health Management Initiatives

Sapporo Breweries Health Management Initiatives

Sapporo Beer Health and Wellness Declaration

Sapporo Breweries has set "health and safety first" as the basic premise of its corporate activities, and promotes all employees to take concrete actions to achieve it, so that the accumulation of such actions will lead to increased value for our customers, We will continue to improve the quality of our actions so that the accumulation of these actions will lead to increased value for our customers.

The direction of all company health and safety practices are based on the Sapporo Breweries Health Creation Declaration and constituted as the “Health and Safety Activity Guidance” by the labor and management.
Health and safety activity plans are annually constituted and implemented at each company in accordance with the above Guidance for the health and safety of all employees and zero occupational and traffic accidents. Activities are reviewed by reflecting on the past six months.
In the event of an occupational accident, confirmation of the accident status at occurrence, identifying causes and proposal of measures are swiftly implemented across the organization, to prevent similar hazards in other business operations.
Initiatives and statuses are shared regularly at the “Safety and Health Committee”, which consists of representatives from the company and the labor union, and discussions are made to ensure proper implementation of the Health and Safety Activity Guidance.
In addition, Sapporo Breweries is a member of the “Food Industry Labor Conference,” which is run by the Junior Executive Council of Japan . Sapporo Breweries works to resolve labor issues and health management using information regarding the food industry shared at these conferences.

The 2024 Health and Safety Activity Guidance

  1. Continued health and safety practices will be promoted in branch offices and the workplace based on the “Health and Safety First” motto and to “ensure the health and safety of workplaces for the health and safety of all colleagues to create an environment that brings out the maximum potential of all employees.” These activities will be widely shared to employees to enhance the awareness toward health and safety in branch offices and workplaces.
  2. Promotion of 5S and its activities will be developed as a foundation for health and safety.
  3. Basic analysis of branch offices and workplaces based on actual statuses and trends including Hiyari Hatto will be conducted for proactive initiatives that incorporate various ideas. Furthermore, active provision of information and reminders will be implemented throughout the company with cooperation from both the head office and headquarters, to enhance awareness within the organization and between each employee.
  4. Branch office and workplace health and safety meetings will be held regularly to share and deliberate various measures with the goal of enhancing initiatives.
  5. Health and safety activities in all workplaces will be promoted, between Sapporo employees and in all related and cooperative company employees as well.
  6. In the event of an occupational accident, thorough deliberation will be made between branch offices and workplaces to propose countermeasures. These countermeasures will be implemented without fail to prevent recurrences. Horizontal networking will be conducted between workplaces to prevent recurrences in other locations.
  7. Initiatives promoting prevention of occupational hazards and also prevention of accidents during commuting will also be implemented.
  8. Initiatives toward occupational health issues will be actively implemented to maintain and enhance physical health. Furthermore, other issues such as that in mental health will continue to be implemented with cooperation from industrial physicians and EAP companies.

System for Safety and Health Management

System for Safety and Health Management
*1 Held monthly
*2 Held three times a year

We aim for zero workplace injuries and traffic accidents.

Even before stress checks were made mandatory, Sapporo Breweries utilized EAP services from specialized external organizations to provide care for the mental health of its employees. As such, the company practices care activities from two angles: “self-care,” which is carried out by the employees themselves, and “line care,” which is implemented by workplace managers. With regard to self-care, training takes place for employees once a year, during which they are encouraged to carry out self-diagnosis, recognize the symptoms of stress, and understand how to cope with them.
Line-Care Study Sessions for management level employees, and regional operation site observations by special external staff have been conducted.
Mental health care will continue to be promoted within the company with help from in-house and external collaborators for a lively and comfortable workplace and to maintain the mental health of each employee.

*EAP (Employee Assistance Program): An employee support program to improve and maintain corporate productivity and spirit by aiding mental health care in the workplace through early stress detection and issue-resolving programs.

Initiatives promoting communication in the workplace

Mental health as well as physical health is directly linked to labor productivity and has significant impact on employess engagement. As priority issues, Sapporo Breweries has identified the decrease in the sense of unity in the workplace due to lack of communication as a result of telecommuting, and physical and mental impacts due to the decrease in physical activity. To revitalize communication, Sapporo Breweries conducts annual management seminars on themes such as ""psychological safety"" and ""1-on-1 practice,"" which contribute to human resource development and organizational revitalization.
In 2021 and 2022, the participation rate of managers was 100%. The seminar content was disseminated from managers to each workplace. In 2023, training on unconscious bias was also provided for managers and expanded to each workplace.

In addition to meetings, the company actively uses and recommends the use of IT tools, including chat and call functions, from daily conversations to cross-organizational communication in an online environment. Thanks Points system is used to express gratitude, and Pulse Surveys are conducted to report on daily physical conditions. Outstanding initiatives are shared and horizontally presented on the intranet. In addition, internal communication expenses are paid for initiatives aimed at strengthening communication between supervisors and subordinates and improving the human resource development of members.

Since 2020, workplace communication has been evaluated in the three items of work engagement, support from others, and environment and conditions at the company and at work. The scores (deviation values) for the three items improved for four consecutive years from 2020 to 2023. Regarding support from others, the company did not reach our 2023 target (deviation of 55), but the score of 54.6 was 0.1 better than in 2022. In the 2022 internal survey, more than 80% of employees responded that efforts toward teamwork and work-life balance “have been implemented.” In 2023, however, under the environment of increased telecommuting, the percentage of employees requiring caution for stress decreased by 0.7%, while the percentage of employees with high stress increased by 0.5% from the previous year. Sapporo Breweries considers lack of communication and support for people with high stress as issues to be addressed. In 2023, the company increased the number of industrial physicians who deal with mental health issues, made consultation services known to all employees, shared survey results, and exchanged opinions with workplaces for improvement. Sapporo Breweries will continue to analyze the factors of high stress, engagement, and presenteeism based on the results of the survey items, differences in job types, and lifestyle habits through questionnaires. The company will implement PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycles to further promote the development of a new communication style in the Sapporo Workstyle.

Improving Workplace Environments

Lifestyle habits such as exercise, diet, alcohol consumption, and smoking have a significant impact on presenteeism and absenteeism. In addition, the results of Sapporo Breweries’ survey showed a correlation between psychological subjective sense of health and work engagement. Sapporo Breweries' challenge is to improve lifestyle habits that cause lifestyle-related diseases and mental disorders, which were correlated with subjective sense of health, and to make the workplace environment healthier, which will lead to behavioral change among those who are indifferent about their health. With the aim of creating a healthy workplace where employees can play an active role, each site across the country is promoting participation in health-related e-learning and behavioral habit programs. As a result, the percentage of employees already working on lifestyle improvement (sum of those working for less than 6 months and those working for more than 6 months) has increased, and the smoking rate has decreased year by year. On the other hand, the percentage of employees who “walk or engage in equivalent or greater physical activity for 60 minutes or more every day” has been decreasing in organizations with many telecommuting workers. The 2022 survey showed a correlation between the percentage of employees with exercise habits and presenteeism, as well as between the percentage of high-stress individuals and physical activity for 60 minutes or more per day. Therefore, Sapporo Breweries has positioned the promotion of physical activity and exercise habits as a priority issue and is further encouraging employees to participation in health programs. In addition, information useful for mental and physical health is posted on the intranet, and materials and videos of study sessions are available for all.

For the team-based programs for healthy behavioral habit (selecting among exercise, diet, and smoking cessation programs) held in workplaces across the Group, the total number of participants from Sapporo Holdings and Sapporo Breweries executives and employees increased to over 1,500 in 2020, over 1,650 in 2021, over 1,670 in 2022, and over 1,760 in 2023. In the 2022 post-questionnaire survey, 78% of the respondents indicated that their health awareness had increased or somewhat increased. In the web walking event sponsored by health insurance association, the number of participants increased from approximately 490 in the fall of 2021 to approximately 650 in the spring of 2023.

In one year through September 2023, the percentage of executives and employees participating in participatory exercise programs increased to 58% from 56% in the previous year. Approximately 40% of officers and employees, including those who did not participate in the exercise programs, participated in certain dietary programs. More than 99% of members took the e-learning program on proper drinking in 2023.

In 2022, the percentage of employees who walked or engaged in physical activity of equivalent or greater intensity for at least 60 minutes daily improved by 2% from 2021, and by an additional 2% in 2023. The percentage of those who exercise at least twice a week increased by 1% in 2023 from 2022. However, this is still lower than the KPI (50%) for the exercise habit rate in 2026. In 2024, each workplace is working to increase the participation rate of health programs.

The smoking rate also decreased to 18% in 2022, but has not yet reached the target of 12%. In 2023, each workplace set a goal for a non-smoking target and promoted efforts to achieve it. In the 2023 survey, the company analyzed the relationship between lifestyle habits and survey results on presenteeism and work engagement by industry. The results showed that exercise habits and physical activity are important for improving productivity in the workplace. Sapporo Breweries will continue to promote healthier workplace environment through measures to deepen understanding of why healthy behaviors are necessary to promote mental and physical health, as well as to activate health communication centered on its business locations.

Specific details and actions related to occupational accidents

The four occupational accidents resulting in lost time in 2023 were tumbling (1), falling (1), heat stroke (1), and back pain (1). As a response, Sapporo Breweries verified the conditions in which the accidents occurred and standardized the work process. Information regarding the accidents was immediately shared among all plants, risk assessments were carried out at each workplace to prevent similar accidents from reoccurring, and employee education and training programs are being implemented.

Contributing to health through the breeding technology of Sapporo Breweries

Mochiriboshi, a barley variety developed by Sapporo Breweries
"Mochiriboshi," a barley variety developed by Sapporo Breweries

Since its founding in 1876, Sapporo Breweries has been committed to “using only the finest ingredients to make delicious beer“ and has been breeding its own barley and hops.

Commitment to raw materials (Japanese)

Using this breeding technology, Sapporo Breweries developed and registered a glutinous edible barley variety called "Mochiriboshi" (2011), a type of dietary fiber rich in β-glucan. Due to its high fiber content, a staple food such as barley rice can also be an excellent source of dietary fiber. Saitama Prefecture, where “Mochiriboshi” is cultivated, was selected as the designated production area for this barley variety (2023).

Experiencing the "Space Classroom" through Food

"Haruna Nijo" barley, developed by Sapporo Breweries to explore the possibilities of "food" in space, stayed on the International Space Station for five months and returned home. Sapporo Breweries are holding the "Space Classroom," a hands-on event utilizing the offspring of this "space-traveling barley. Through the experience of planting seeds, harvesting, and tasting barley tea made from the barley that traveled through space, we continue to nurture children's "dreams for space" (25th event in 2023).

Co-prosperity with Society

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage's Health Management Initiatives

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage's Health Management Initiatives

POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage Health Creation Declaration

For POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage to be a strong and good company for our employees, their families, and our customers, it is vital that we all take care of our health.
It is only when we are healthy and full of energy that we can continue to create new "deliciousness" successively. When we ourselves are full of vitality, our products and services become more attractive. Let us create happiness for us and our customers by being a strong and good company.

Pokka Sapporo Sustainability Policy and Health Management

POKKA SAPPORO believes that "in order for us, as a food and beverage manufacturer, to contribute to the health and well-being of our customers through our products and services, it is important for each and every employee to face, practice, and feel health and to be able to talk about health in their own words." Based on this belief, we are strengthening our efforts under the slogan "health management that can be talked about" as health management that represents the "H" of Pokka Sapporo Sustainability H+ESG.

What is H+ESG

In order to achieve the above, more than 90% of employees have set annual health goals from 2022, called "One Person, One Goal for Health Management that Can be Talked About," and these goals are disclosed and shared on the company intranet.
In addition, from 2022 to 2023, we are conducting the "Hirameki Shokutaku Relay" in which employees write articles about their own thoughts on health and healthy recipes using our products and share examples from all departments on the company intranet, aiming to increase communication about health within the company and create a corporate culture in which employees can enjoy discussing health issues and engaging in creative efforts to improve their health.
Pokka Sapporo offers many products made from lemons, and is particularly focused on health awareness initiatives centered on lemons. As one of its original health literacy improvement measures, Pokka Sapporo has been measuring bone density at the employee health checkups in collaboration with the Osteoporosis Foundation since 2021. While many employees know that citric acid, which is contained in lemons, is effective for bone health, only about 10% of them know their own bone density. So the program is being implemented to measure bone density and to have employees think about their own health through their own experience, leading to their behavioral changes. In 2023, more than 700 employees, including those at group companies, have had their bone density measured, and the awareness rate of knowledge about "lemon and bone health" at sites where multiple measurements have been taken has increased from 55% (in 2021) to 65% in Tokyo and from 55% (in 2022) to 71% in Aichi. Furthermore, the number of employees who have adopted the program in their daily lives increased from 11% (in 2021) to 19% in Tokyo and from 18% (in 2022) to 25% in Aichi, indicating that ongoing efforts not only raise awareness of bone health but also lead to employees' behavioral changes.
The "Lemon Certification Test," an in-house certification program started in 2013, was renamed the "Healthy Lemon Certification Test" in 2021, and its content was expanded to include not only knowledge of lemons, but also the results of the National Health and Nutrition Survey and the Dietary Balance Guide. The program aims to help employees gain the overall knowledge of healthy eating habits and then talk about the health value of lemons.

Unique POKKA SAPPORO initiatives

Awareness about the health value of lemons (official NOTE)

In 2023, Pokka Sapporo also collaborated with the Brand Management Department to conduct other activities, including study sessions on lifestyle habits (lipid abnormalities) and online lemon cooking classes for employees.
We will continue to make ongoing efforts to achieve results in our health management, which is unique to Pokka Sapporo.

Health Awareness Initiatives Outside the Company

POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage has been promoting the health functions of lemons, such as promoting bone health and reducing salt intake, to a wide range of consumers, especially the next generation, and has been working to communicate the benefits of lemons as a food ingredient to draw their interest in food and health. Such initiatives include nutrition education activities at elementary schools and lectures on lemons and health for our partner companies. The company plans to further strengthen its external educational initiatives in accordance with its medium-term management plan.

About our nutrition education activities

・Initiatives with partner companies (lecture pamphlet)

Initiatives with partner companies (lecture pamphlet)

Promotion system

Promotion system

Action Guidelines

  • Pokka Sapporo Health Management Activity Policy for 2023

    We will promote PS's health management by leveraging the knowledge and expertise we have accumulated through our business activities, as well as our efforts to support the mental and physical health of our customers.

  • Pokkasapporo Health and Safety Activity Policy for the Entire Company in 2023

    Based on the Declaration of Health and Happiness Creation and Health Management Activity Policy, we will realize a safe and secure work environment.

Sapporo Lion's Health Management Initiatives

Sapporo Lion's Health Management Initiatives

Sapporo Lion Health Creation Declaration

At Sapporo Lion, we want all of our employees to fully demonstrate their individuality, and to continue to be strong, to be positive, and to shine. For this reason, we are setting out our Health Creation Declaration here!

  1. We will endeavor to engage in free and open communication
  2. We will endeavor to engage in self-improvement
  3. We will endeavor to maintain and manage our health

Sapporo Lion belongs to the restaurant industry, yet also believes itself to be a company that alleviates stress. To this end, the company has made it its mission to provide customers with the Joy of Living.
So that Sapporo Lion can recognize any signs of mental or physical illness among employees at the earliest opportunity, the company encourage managers and supervisors to acquire qualifications in mental health management.
In order to combat long working hours, which is an issue in the restaurant industry, Sapporo Lion has established a Work Style Reform Promotion Committee. The committee seeks to prevent health issues stemming from overwork; at the same time, it aims to promote work styles that prioritize employee health, such as by including information provided by occupational health physicians in company newsletters.
The monthly company newsletter features a column entitled “Eisei” (“Voice of Health”) in which Sapporo Lion communicate messages from occupational health physicians to employees. Depending on the time of year, the column provides Sapporo Lion's restaurants with information on heat stroke, influenza, noroviruses, and other health-related topics from the perspective of occupational health physicians. Through such initiatives, the company is working hard to improve the knowledge of employees when it comes to preventing heat stroke at our beer gardens, and other issues.


Prevention, early detection and response to stress-related diseases such as mental health problems

In recent years, a growing number of young female employees have developed mental illnesses in Sapporo Lion. The cause of mental illness in workers is "stress," and there are various factors that cause that "stress." Factors related to work stress: (1) relationships, (2) quality of work, and (3) quantity of work. Referring to the results of the annual stress check, Sapporo Lion decided to focus on women in their 20s and 30s. The company conducted a questionnaire about their career and work environment (superiors) in advance and held a roundtable discussion based on it. This meeting was exclusive to women in order to create a place where women can exchange opinions, and frankly discuss and summarize their relationships, work-related situations and environments, and individual feelings. The roundtable discussion allowed early detection of mental disorders and the results were sent to the executive meeting for feedback. By having opinions reach the upper management of the company, Sapporo Lion believes that reviewing work styles and improving the overlooked adverse environment will prevent the occurrence of mental illness. At the same time, this will also lead to a long-term plan which aims to achieve "zero mental disorders among young people." In addition, industrial physicians and public health nurses always provide support and interviews with workers to clarify stress factors and giving guidance for gradual improvement.
The response value of the stress check is also gradually decreasing. Sapporo Lion will continue to disseminate not only physical information but also stress prevention measures related to mental health in the health management corner "Eisei” of the company newsletter.

Return to work after a leave of absence, balancing work and treatment

Some employees with a mental injury, illness or disorder have the desire and capacity to work but have difficulty balancing work and medical treatment, including hospital visits. That often prevents them from continuing to work or going back to work.
Sapporo Lion aims to achieve a 100% return to work after a leave of absence by conducting thorough consultations with occupational physicians and occupational health nurses regarding the timing of return to work.
In addition, by sharing the necessity and significance of the company's and organization's efforts, we create a workplace culture that facilitates a balance between treatment and work.
The company also ensures that its occupational health nurses regularly follow up with employees after they return to work.

Strengthening sustainability

To ensure the health of our customers, employees and their families, Sapporo Lion, together with our business partners, prioritizes respect for and protection of human rights as well as consideration for environmental safety throughout the supply chain in the provision of our products.

Lion Menu

Creating an Age-Friendly Workplace - Health Measures for Senior Citizens

The Health Check for Seniors initiative was launched in FY2022, primarily for rehired employees 60 years of age and older. This year marks the second year of the program.
It is a reality that, compared to younger workers, senior employees have less muscle strength, agility, and other physical abilities, less vision and hearing, and a higher percentage of them have diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
The Health Check for Seniors is conducted in person or remotely at the Health Consultation Office every year in their birthday month, based on the opinion of occupational physicians.

★Health checkup items

  1. Confirmation of health checkup results and disease treatment status
  2. Hearing about self-perceived symptoms and work-related problems
  3. Eye-opening one-leg stand test and 5-fold stand test (as physical fitness check and fall risk assessment)
  4. On-site interview (opinions of other employees)

Gold Prize in the Age-Friendly Category of the SAFE Award by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan

Sapporo Lion was awarded the Gold Prize in the Age Friendly category at the 2nd SAFE Award by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in recognition of its efforts to create an environment where older workers can continue working energetically for a long time.
Sapporo Lion is committed to ensuring that senior workers, who are important workforce with motivation, skills, and experience, can work with peace of mind amid the labor shortage in the food service industry. To this end, the company will continue to promote efforts to help both companies and workers understand the possibility of increased risk of workplace accidents due to the characteristics of older workers (e.g., reduced physical abilities, vision, and hearing) and to prepare their working environment accordingly.

SAFE Award
SAFE Award
Sapporo Real Estate Health Management Initiatives

Sapporo Real Estate Health Management Initiatives

Sapporo Real Estate Health Creation Declaration

At SAPPORO REAL ESTATE, our desire is for everyone to be healthy, to spend time in a rewarding manner, and to live abundant lives. In order to realize such a society, we must first ensure that we ourselves are healthy.
Let us all work to achieve a life of health and abundance.

Certification of Excellent Health Management Corporation 2023 (Small and Medium Sized Corporation Category (Bright 500))

Certification of Excellent Health Management Corporation 2023 (Bright 500)

In recognition of its proactive efforts in health management, SAPPORO REAL ESTATE was certified as an Excellent Health Management Corporation 2023. The company will promote and continue various initiatives to improve the health of its employees.

Silver Certification as Excellent Healthy Company

Excellent Healthy Company

In October 2022, SAPPORO REAL ESTATE received the Silver Certification as a company with excellent health management and has already been re-certified in FY2023. On an ongoing basis, each employee is raising awareness of their physical and mental health and working to maintain and promote good health.

In addition to the health improvement measures implemented by the Sapporo Group, SAPPORO REAL ESTATE promotes one-on-one meetings between employees and their superiors as a way of preventing overwork and of recognizing changes in physical and mental well-being among employees.
The company has also introduced flextime, teleworking, and paid leave on an hourly basis; these measures are aimed at enabling each of employees to adopt flexible work styles that suit their lifestyles.
Every month, SAPPORO REAL ESTATE convenes a Health & Safety Committee formed of both company and employee representatives; discussions are held regarding working hours, workplace environments, and improving mental and physical health.
The company also promotes more energetic working environments and better work-life balances by sharing information via company social media, and by actively establishing environments that facilitate online communication.

Initiatives aimed to promote communication in the workplace

SAPPORO REAL ESTATE is working to improve psychological safety and employee engagement to become a company that takes on the challenge of creating future value. Workplace communication is the basis for these initiatives. With the increase in remote work and online interactions, the company has identified the promotion of communication as one of the most important issues to be addressed.

In 2021, the company introduced the Thanks Points scheme. Employees give each other “Thanks Points” as an expression of gratitude and praise to increase mutual interest, communication within the company, and their motivation.
To create opportunities for communication, the company also administers employee profiles and an in-house blog and holds online exchange meetings and year-end parties between Ebisu office and Sapporo office.
SAPPORO REAL ESTATE will continue to promote communication by holding face-to-face president's caravan meetings to be a company that can mutually work for the benefit of its colleagues.

Sapporo Field Marketing's Health Management Initiatives

Sapporo Field Marketing's Health Management Initiatives

SAPPORO FIELD MARKETING: Declaration of Health and Wellness Creation

Within the Sapporo Breweries Group, our activities take place on the "sales floor," which is closest to the customer.
We believe that in order to provide joy and excitement to our customers, our employees themselves must be healthy in mind and body.
We will continue to aim to be a company where everyone can play an active role in a cheerful, correct, and positive manner, armed with "energy," "health," and "smiles."

Certified as Excellent Health Management Corporation 2023 (Small and Medium Sized Corporation Category (Bright 500))

Certified as Excellent Health Management Corporation 2023 (Bright 500)

Minebea has been certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Japan Health Council as one of the "Excellent Corporations for Health Management 2023," which recognizes corporations that are implementing excellent health management practices. At the same time, the Company also received the "Bright 500" certification, which is given only to the top 500 corporations in the health management survey results among corporations certified in the small- and medium-sized corporations category. After the certification, we will continue to strengthen activities to promote health in cooperation with other companies in the Sapporo Group.

“Silver Certification” for Excellent Corporate Health

Excellent Corporate Health

In recognition of efforts to improve the health promotion environment, SAPPORO FIELD MARKETING received the "Silver Certificate" for Excellent Corporate Health issued by the Federation of Health Insurance Associations in 2023, following on from 2020 to 2022.
The entire company is working together to actively promote health management.

Improvement of Workplace Health and Preventing Occupational Accidents

Sapporo Field Marketing Co., Ltd. has been working to improve presenteeism and work engagement in order to create an environment where all employees can work in a healthy, safe, and lively manner. As one of the challenges identified, "causes of stress" were identified, with "work burden" being a particular issue. In order to improve the work environment and communication, we have set our own numerical targets for the year not only for the entire company but also for each business unit, and have issued monthly reminders to the entire company. E-learning, psychological safety and unconscious bias training were also implemented. As a result, among the "sense of work burden," "workload" improved by 1.9 deviation points and "work difficulty" by 0.2 deviation points, while "physical burden" worsened by 0.2 deviation points. Regarding this worsened value, we will take measures as described below, including the prevention of work-related accidents.
On the other hand, the deviation of "Employee Engagement" was 55.0 in 2020, but has improved to 56.2 for three consecutive years since 2021, and presenteeism losses have also been reduced year by year since 2020. However, as of September 2023, the number of work-related accidents in 2023 had already exceeded that of 2022, and we believe that the increase was due to the fact that the employees were more active in both their work and private lives after the Covid-19 disaster, and that many of them had been with the company for a long time, which led them to get used to their daily work and let their guard down. We believe that this is due to the familiarity with daily work and carelessness of the employees. In order to improve the situation, we are currently working on stretching and training to prevent falls, as well as making sure everyone knows the proper way to lift heavy objects on the job.

2020 2021 2022 2023
Employee Engagement (Deviation Values) 55.0 56.2 56.2 56.2
Presenteeism Rate (%) 38.3 35.3 33.6 33.3
Support from Others (Deviation Values) 51.7 53.0 52.8 54.5
Workplace Safety and Comfortability (Deviation Values) 53.9 54.0 54.6 54.1
Cause of Stress (Deviation Values) 51.4 50.6 50.0 50.4
Number of Work-Related Accidents 8 6 3 8
Health Management Initiatives of Sapporo Group Logistics

Health Management Initiatives of Sapporo Group Logistics

SAPPORO GROUP LOGISTICS: Declaration of Health and Wellness Creation

As stated in the management philosophy of the SAPPORO GROUP LOGISTICS, we believe that the physical and mental health of each and every employee is of the utmost importance in order to "create and provide excellent quality and valuable logistics services to ensure customer satisfaction."
We declare that we will promote efforts to maintain and improve the health of all of our employees, including those of SAPPORO LOGISTICS SYSTEMS, our subsidiary company, and our valued partners and subcontractors, with the goal of creating a workplace where they can work in good physical and mental health.

“Silver Certification” for Excellent Corporate Health

Excellent Corporate Health

In April 2021, we started health management and in July 2022, we received the "Silver Certification" as an excellent healthy company. The certification was also granted in 2023. The entire company is working together to actively promote health management.

Health Management Initiatives of SAPPORO LOGISTICS SYSTEMS

Health Management Initiatives of SAPPORO LOGISTICS SYSTEMS

Sapporo Distribution System

SAPPORO LOGISTICS SYSTEMS is the distribution unit of the Sapporo Group and consists of four offices that own their own trucks. Three of the offices met the standards of the following three evaluation criteria set by the All Japan Trucking Associations: 1. compliance with safety laws and regulations, 2. no accidents or violations, and 3. proactive safety initiatives. As such, these offices have been certified as an Excellent Safety Business Office (G-Mark)*.
Specifically, these offices are implementing measures to prevent loads falling from vehicles, requiring blood pressure measurements before operations, and reviewing the process of loading products onto vehicles.

* Business offices that have been duly evaluated and certified for safety by the All Japan Trucking Association. The purpose is to make it easier for shippers and consumers to choose trucking companies with higher safety standards and to raise awareness of safety improvement.

YASMA’s Health Management Initiatives

YASMA’s Health Management Initiatives

YASMA Health Creation Declaration

YASMA takes an active role in ensuring the physical and mental health of its employees and their families.
This activity supports the soundness of the company's operations and serves as a social contribution.
As a company certified as Excellent Health Management Corporation, YASMA will take measures to ensure that the entire company is working together.

Excellent Health Management Corporation 2023 Healthy Company Declaration Tokyo Sports Promotion Company SPORTS YELL COMPANY 2024

Certification of Excellent Health Management Corporation 2023 (Small and Medium Sized Corporation Category)

YASMA has been certified as Excellent Health Management Corporation for seven consecutive years. The company will continue to actively implement initiatives to promote the health of its employees.

Silver Certification as Excellent Healthy Company

YASMA has made a Healthy Company Declaration to the Tokyo Branch of the National Health Insurance Association and has received the Silver Certification as a company with excellent health management for eight consecutive years since 2016.

Certification as Tokyo Sports Promotion Company and as Sports Yell Company (Silver)

As a company that is actively engaged in the promotion of sports to promote employee health, YASMA has been certified as a Tokyo Sports Promotion Company (for 9 consecutive years) since 2015 and as a Sports Yell Company (for 7 consecutive years) since 2017. The company will continue to implement activities to promote good health through radio calisthenics and walking events every morning.

Initiatives to maintain and promote employee health

  • The medical checkup rate at YASMA is 100% every year. In addition, the company has industrial physicians diagnose the results of the medical checkups and recommend that all employees who require medical treatment or need close examination undergo a secondary examination.
  • YASMA conducts radio calisthenics every morning at all offices. Radio calisthenics helps exercise the muscles and joints of the entire body in a well-balanced manner, which helps prevent stiff shoulders and lower back pain, and also reduces the lack of exercise. After exercising, employees feel refreshed and ready for work. In addition, the company promotes exercises that can be easily done during work hours, such as stretching exercises that can be quickly done in the office when standing or sitting at one's own seat.
  • All employees set individual health goals each year, work toward achieving them for one year, and confirm their achievements. They have various goals that they can achieve individually, such as losing 3 kg, eating less between meals, or running 10 km per week.
  • Walking competition is held as a health event at the head office. In the team competition, each team worked together to achieve a higher rank. It helps to promote employee health as well as to stimulate communication among employees.
Sapporo Group Logistics' White Logistics Initiatives

Sapporo Group Logistics' White Logistics Initiatives

Declaration of Voluntary Action for the "White Logistics Promotion Movement"

In support of the aims of the "White Logistics" promotion campaign, Sapporo Holdings, LTD. submitted a voluntary action declaration for sustainable and stable logistics operations in 2019 from Sapporo Breweries LTD., POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage LTD.

Declaration of Voluntary Action

Declaration of Voluntary Action

The four companies of the Group have expressed their commitment to work toward improving the efficiency and workability of logistics, focusing on "standardization of logistics operations" and "establishment of a network of Group bases."
In cooperation and coordination with our affiliates, we will strive to improve the working environment for truck drivers and warehouse workers.

Standardization of logistics operations

Product codes used to identify cartons at distribution sites have been made more visible by aligning the display position. The Group companies will realize a more comfortable working environment for a diversified workforce, including foreigners and the elderly, whose numbers are expected to increase in the future.

Establishment of Group network of distribution bases

To shorten the transportation distance from factories to delivery destinations, Sapporo Breweries established new distribution bases in the Tokai area and Kita Kanto area, and POKKA SAPPRO Food & Beverage proceeded with a new production consignment in the western Japan area. The Group will continue to review its network of distribution bases to ensure compliance with laws and regulations and to further reduce the burden on truck drivers.

Initiatives of Overseas Group Companies

Preventing and managing health issues

Preventing and managing health issues

The Sapporo Group believes employee health to be of the utmost importance and, for this reason, works hard to improve the safety and health, and health literacy of its overseas employees.

Sleeman Breweries

  • The Health and Safety Committee is convened every month
  • The Personnel Department engaged in educational activities regarding health via the company newsletter and other means
  • Information on mental health, introduction of consulting organizations, and seminars are provided
  • Mentor-ship Program was launched, focusing on maintaining mental health through a mentor-mentee pairing system

Sapporo Stone

  • Safety committee meetings are held daily at each workplace.
  • Set up a mental health awareness month to educate employees about mental health.
  • Established a system in which all employees can receive mental health support through external resources.

Sapporo Vietnam

  • Employees are provided with health insurance as part of company welfare benefits, and all local employees undergo regular health check-ups once a year
  • The Personnel Department issues a newsletter every month with the aim of raising health awareness
  • Employees attend lectures presented by health care workers once a year


  • All local employees undergo regular health check-ups once a year
  • The Personnel Department shares information regarding health
Measures to combat infection

Measures to combat infection

Malaria infects more than 200 million people worldwide every year; tuberculosis infected an estimated 10 million people in 2019, while 1.7 million people were infected with HIV during the same year*. The Sapporo Group recognizes the importance of promoting health on a global scale. At present, in order to reduce the health risks associated with infectious diseases, the Sapporo Group implements a variety of measures not only in Japan but across the world; these measures are outlined below. Going forward, the Group intends to further promote education regarding infectious diseases.


  • POKKA SAPPRO Food & Beverage:
    Established and updated COVID-19 safety management measures in the workplace, informed employees and provided necessary support.
  • North American businesses of Sapporo Group:
    Recommended remote work in both the U.S. and Canada based on each country's policy.
  • Sapporo Stone:
    Conducted remote work when infected or when contact with an infected person is confirmed.
    Required prior antibody testing for participants in company-wide gatherings.
  • Sapporo Vietnam:
    Since the last directive from the Prime Minister's Office on May 13, 2022 to ease inspections for those entering Vietnam, the Vietnamese government has now switched from a former system involving various requests and involvement by the government and localities in accordance with laws and regulations to voluntary approach-based responses. The government is no longer uniformly requiring basic infection control measures on a regular basis.
    In accordance with this government policy, necessary measures at production sites and offices (including non-plant sites) are left to the voluntary judgment of employees.

Zika fever and Dengue fever

  • POKKA: POKKA shares information regarding the causes and treatments for Zika fever and Dengue fever with its employees


  • Sapporo Vietnam: The company carries out regular health check-ups once a year on all its local employees, which include a chest X-ray


  • Sapporo Vietnam: The company provides rabies vaccinations to non-local employees working in Vietnam
Safety and health activities

Safety and health activities

  • Sleeman Breweries:
    Hold the Health and Safety Committee once a month
  • Sapporo Stone:
    Hold monthly safety committee meetings
  • Sapporo Vietnam (Long An Brewery):
    Hold the Labor Health and Safety Meeting once a month
  • POKKA SAPPRO Food & Beverage:
    • Hold the Safety Committee once a month,
    • Implement a Management Program as part of management's commitment to health and safety,
    • Conduct the firefighting and hazardous material spill containment training for employees on the emergency response team,
    • Conduct Evacuation drills twice a year
Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

  • Pokka:
    • Biannual implementation of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities
    • Employee volunteer activities include:
      • Cleaning up waterways
      • Donating essential living supplies
      • Supporting the maintenance of orchards

Corporate benefits

Various corporate benefits are provided to support the lives of employees.
Along with housing support, accumulation savings, employee shareholding programs and congratulations/condolence money programs, a cafeteria program has also been introduced.
To correspond toward the changing lifestyles of employees, the program allows employees to select the support they need in areas such as “child-raising/nursing,” “self-development,” “health promotion,” and “refreshment.”
Furthermore, efforts are being made to aid employee life and financial planning.

Labor-management relations

Basic philosophy

The Sapporo Group offers regular opportunities for labor and management discussions on labor conditions and various human relation systems, in the Group’s efforts to establish stable labor-management relations by having both parties cooperate to maintain and improve workplace conditions.

Establishing stable labor-management relations

Based on the Group's Human Resource Vision, the Sapporo Group companies believe that thorough consideration for employee safety and health is indispensable for creating a work environment where employees can work with peace of mind. We are implementing various measures to prevent occupational accidents and to maintain and improve mental and physical health.



The labor agreement between the Sapporo Breweries Labor Union and the company states that “The Company recognizes the union as the only legitimate negotiating body representative of employees” and that “The Company authorizes free union activities. Union members shall not receive detrimental treatment for their participation in the union and for their legitimate union activities,” to ensure rights for negotiation and freedom of association.
Labor-management agreements on work hours and management discussion have been made. A negotiation system for swift and substantial resolutions exists for decisions on labor condition standards and introducing new programs, along with revision/discontinuance of programs. These decisions are made through activities such as formal union negotiations and through discussions with a special committee dealing with collective bargaining. For the wellbeing of employees, initiatives in health and safety, work style reforms, and health management are developed within the company through close exchange of opinions between the company and the labor union.
A management negotiation system has been incorporated and is conducted twice a year, to provide opportunities to exchange opinions, in which company and union representatives discuss topics such as management policies and content.

Pokka Sapporo Labor-Management Relations

Pokka Sapporo Labor-Management Relations

The POKKA SAPPORO Labor Union is a union workplace, and all regular employees are members, except for managers and non-union employees as defined in the collective agreement.

The collective labor agreement stipulates that "the company and the union shall mutually respect each other's fundamental rights based on the principles of fair understanding and good faith, and shall establish working conditions on an equal footing and make efforts to maintain and improve them, with the aim of contributing to the achievement of the social mission of the beverage and food business," and "the company and the union shall ensure that this agreement is observed and faithfully performed. The agreement specifies the purpose of the agreement and the obligation to comply with it, and clearly defines the right to collective bargaining and the prohibition of disadvantageous treatment.

In order to create a better working environment for labor and management, the company and labor union representatives hold monthly labor council meetings to exchange opinions on the operation of various systems, occupational health and safety, health management initiatives, and other issues. In addition to the monthly labor council meetings, management council meetings are held twice a year to provide an opportunity for management and labor union representatives to exchange opinions on management policies, management details, and other issues.

Sapporo Lion

Sapporo Lion

In 1989, the year following the company’s listing in the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Lion Branch of the Sapporo Breweries Labor Union became an independent organization as the labor union of Sapporo Lion; today, some 30 years after its foundation, the union has approximately 350 members.
Sapporo Lion bases its activities on the following three pillars: creating comfortable working environments that provide job satisfaction; improving labor conditions in the pursuit of comfort and quality of life; and, creating dynamic organizations through the participation of all members. Sapporo Lion holds labor-management meetings twice a year—at the Management Advisory Committee Meeting and at the Labor-Management Discussion Meeting—when it makes recommendations regarding corporate management and communicates feedback from its members. The majority of recommendations made at the above meetings are implemented, and in this way labor and management work closely together to carry out corporate management.
The union’s Mandarin Orange-Picking welfare event, which was first held when Sapporo Lion was still part of the Sapporo Breweries Labor Union, continues to be held every year on Culture Day, on November 3. Every year, the event attracts more than 100 participants, including company employees and their families, as well as company officers. Sapporo Lion also holds a variety of other welfare activities.
In addition, starting in 2023, the "Personnel and Wage System Review Committee" will be held regularly by labor and management to exchange opinions on how to create a comfortable workplace and stable living environment.

Work-Life Balance

Launch of the “Work Style Improvement”

Sapporo Breweries' Initiatives to Reform Work Styles

Sapporo Breweries' Initiatives to Reform Work Styles

In 2017, Sapporo Breweries launched “Work Style Reform 2020” aimed at improving productivity, physical and mental health, and promoting a fulfilling lifestyle.
As a four-year initiative until 2020, each employee prioritized their own tasks and made choices while incorporating the telecommuting system, hourly paid holiday system, super flextime system, and interworking interval system to expand work-style options and create more private time. In this manner, the company has implemented reforms that allow for more flexible and productive work styles.

In 2021, the company launched an external side job system, an internal side job system, and an internal internship system. Along with this, the company has promoted initiatives to realize autonomous work styles, work styles that achieve results through teamwork, and work styles that enhance the quality of work-life balance as the basis of its “Let's KAITAKU,” the code of conduct to realize the management philosophy and vision established in 2020.
In addition, items related to work style reform were introduced into the evaluation items for managers.

Amidst this situation, the outbreak and spread of COVID-19 forced employees to restrict their commuting to the office and to work in a different way from the past, mainly through teleworking, for a prolonged period. Under these circumstances, the company launched “Sapporo Workstyle” in July 2022, a new working way with COVID-19 that emphasizes face-to-face interaction and dialogue. This serves as a new work style to realize the ideal state of employees (autonomy, teamwork, and work-life balance) that the Work Style Reform aims to achieve.

In 2024, as people’s values and lifestyles are diversifying, Sapporo Breweries expanded the system introduced in 2016 that allows employees to work temporarily in a limited area. In addition, the company further expanded work-style options by introducing a “work-anywhere system for regional employees” and a system that allows sales staff who frequently travel on business to choose working apar from their family or commuting from home.

Drinking alcohol has the power to bring people together. The company has a long history and culture with alcoholic beverages, and it is committed to a work style that emphasizes face-to-face interaction to connect people with each other and realizes a work style that allows people to demonstrate their abilities whether they come to the office or telework. By doing so, Sapporo Breweries aims to increase organizational and individual productivity and engagement.

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage's Workplace Reforms

Pokka Sapporo Food & Beverage's Workplace Reforms

Since 2017, POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage has actively engaged in work style reforms; with the introduction of measures such as flextime, teleworking, and work-interval systems, the company sought to use time and space more effectively. One year later, data showed that these measures had succeeded in reducing working hours by the equivalent of a day a month for each employee.
In addition, with the aim of supporting independent career development, personal growth, and new challenges, from October 1, 2021, we have allowed side jobs and provided opportunities for employees to take on new challenges. While making full use of these systems introduced before the Covid-19 Disaster, we are working to improve the working environment and productivity of diverse employees under self-management and self-leadership in the Covid-19 Disaster.

Sapporo Lion Workplace Reform Initiatives

Sapporo Lion Workplace Reform Initiatives

Sapporo Lion began its efforts to reform the way we work in 2017, and since 2018, we have been promoting the three pillars of "culture reform," "improvement of working environment," and "simplification of work" under the theme of "optimization of total working hours and improvement of long working hours" as the "Working Method Reform Promotion Committee.

The results of these efforts have been wide-ranging, including the thorough use of "san" suffixes, promotion of consecutive holidays, simplification of administrative work, introduction of LINEWORKS, and the introduction of a new in-house workflow system.

Introduction of LINEWORKS, publication of the in-house magazine "Hare-no-chi Lion," introduction of e-Value, and creation of a FAQ site.

The committee contributed to the reduction of working hours and the improvement of productivity through various activities such as document management consolidation, promotion of paperless system, and promotion of women's activities.

After the dissolution of the committee in October 2022, the efforts were taken over by the head office departments, divisions, DX/IT Promotion Committee, and Culture Reform Committee, and have continued to produce significant results in TTO introduction, data analysis, marketing measures, and improvement of the workplace environment.

Reduction + Management of Work Time and Promotion of Paid Leave Usage

Efforts are being made with human resources programs to reduce excess labor time, to correspond to various laws and regulations including the Labor Standards Law.

Sapporo Breweries Efforts to Reduce + Manage Working Hours and to Promote Paid Leave Usage

Sapporo Breweries Efforts to Reduce + Manage Working Hours and to Promote Paid Leave Usage

Sapporo Breweries is promoting initiatives to reduce overtime work and encourage employees to take paid holiday through company-wide workstyle reform initiatives. In addition to introducing teleworking, hourly paid leave, super flextime, work intervals, and share officed as systems and measures to allow for flexible workstyles, we want to make these systems accessible by providing equipment such as laptops, cell phones, and mobile Wi-Fi as well as reviewing what work tasks require employees to come in to the office (simplifying sealing and signing tasks, making paperless and digitizing accounting slips and invoices, holding meetings and trainings remotely, and so on).

Initiatives to Reduce Overtime Work

Taking into account differences in work-related characteristics, personnel size, and so forth, we have set targets for each office and are working to achieve them, thoroughly implementing internal rules on working hour management (prior declaration and approval of overtime work, daily input and approval of work schedules). We are working to curb and prevent long working hours by visualizing monthly results pertaining to overtime work, identifying the causes of long working hours, and discussing and implementing countermeasures.
We are also working to provide care and follow-up relating to physical and mental health by conducting industrial interviews for employees working long hours.

Initiatives to Encourage Employees to Take Paid Leave

The company-wide targe for paid leave is to obtain at least 16 days in 2024.
In the same way as for overtime work, Sapporo Breweries visualizes the status of monthly paid leave and encourages employees to take paid leave according to their circumstances, while labor and management collaborate on campaigns to encourage consecutive use of paid leave.
Sapporo Breweries is also making efforts to raise awareness of the importance of taking paid leave in a planned manner from the viewpoint of improving work efficiency and work-life balance.

Fixed date Target figures
Annual working hours* 2024 2,000 hours
Average number of days with leisure 2024 16 days

Including Sapporo Holdings

* Annual working hours = scheduled working hours (1830 hours/year) + overtime work hours - hours of compensatory holidays - hours of paid leave taken

Pokka Sapporo Efforts to Reduce + Manage Working Hours and to Promote Paid Leave Usage

Pokka Sapporo Efforts to Reduce + Manage Working Hours and to Promote Paid Leave Usage

Initiatives Concerning Working Hours

POKKA SAPPORO places importance on proper attendance management from the perspective of legal compliance and occupational health and safety, and works with the labor union and managers and supervisors in each division and business site to maintain appropriate working hours for employees.

At monthly labor-management council meetings and safety and health committee meetings at each business site, labor and management discuss actual working hours, identify causes, and consider and implement countermeasures to curb and prevent long working hours.

In addition, we are promoting the management of working hours by providing a real-time graph of monthly overtime results to employees and supervisors through the human resources system.

We interview managers and supervisors of departments with problems individually and communicate with them to solve the problems.

For employees who work long hours, we also provide care and follow-up for their physical and mental health by interviewing industrial physicians.

Promotion of Utilization of Paid Leave, etc.

The company-wide Safety and Health Committee has set a target of "15 days or more per year by 2026" for the use of paid leave, in cooperation with the labor union. In addition to taking consecutive summer and winter vacations, we have set the target at 15 days, aiming to have employees use about one day of leave per month.

We promote the planned and proactive use of leave so that each and every employee can lead a richer life while enhancing work productivity by regularly refreshing their body and mind.

In addition to company-wide efforts to promote leave utilization, each department takes the initiative in devising ways to create an environment that facilitates the use of paid leave, taking into consideration the nature of work and other factors.

Sapporo Lion Efforts to Reduce + Manage Working Hours and to Promote Paid Leave Usage

Sapporo Lion Efforts to Reduce + Manage Working Hours and to Promote Paid Leave Usage

Sapporo Lion is promoting company-wide improvement of the working environment through information sharing and various communications to stores and individuals using the company intranet, and specific activities are as follows

Reduction of working hours

  • Strengthen recruitment activities, increase investment in staff recruitment and use of media to address human resources and manpower shortages
  • Conduct monthly analysis of individual overtime hours and interim checks during the term.
  • Recommendation of consultation with industrial physicians
  • Conduct interviews with employees who work long hours and their supervisors by the Human Resources & General Affairs Department.
  • Periodic participation in sales meetings by business unit and implementation of progress checks and hearings on working hour management.

Initiatives to encourage employees to take paid leave

  • Registration of "Annual Schedule for Taking Paid Leave" during the previous year
  • Sent "Paid Leave Utilization Management List" for employees and PA staff to department managers and employees themselves, and conducted educational activities and progress checks.
  • Regularly participate in sales meetings by division, check the progress of paid leave utilization, and hold hearings.
Sapporo Real Estate Efforts to Reduce + Manage Working Hours and to Promote Paid Leave Usage

Sapporo Real Estate Efforts to Reduce + Manage Working Hours and to Promote Paid Leave Usage

Sapporo Real Estate has introduced various systems, such as the super-flex time system and telework to create a culture of efficiency. As part of measures to reduce overtime, employees who work excessive overtime are interviewed by their managers to determine measures to reduce overtime and to check the employees' physical and mental health. In addition, we encourage employees to take 5 consecutive business days off to promote paid leave usage.

Fixed date Target figures
Annual working hours* 2023 1,880 hours
Average number of days with leisure 2023 16 days

* Annual working hours = scheduled working + overtime working hours - hours of paid holiday taken