Sapporo Group Environmental Vision 2050

Sapporo Group Environmental Vision 2050

“In appreciating the bounty of nature, each employee of Sapporo Group will proactively work for environmental conservation and realization of a sustainable society”

1. Realizing a carbon-free society

  • Aim to achieve zero CO2 emissions at company locations
  • Strive to reduce CO2 emissions from value chains outside company locations

2. Realizing a recycling-oriented society

  • All segments of our group will work to achieve the 3Rs for business-related resources
  • - Seek to use materials that meet the requirements of a recycling-oriented society for 100% of our containers & packaging
  • - Continue our efforts to reduce the amount of water used at our factories so as to use water resources sustainably

3. Realizing a society in harmony with nature

  • Contribute to sustainable procurement through barley and hops R&D
  • Contribute to sustainable regional development that offer the feel of enriching time and space in harmony with nature