Providing safe products and facilities

Creation of Safe Facilities

Sapporo Real Estate Initiatives

Creation of safe and secure facility spaces

In addition to compliance with various laws and regulations, the real estate operation also develops safe and comfortable facilities and spaces. Sapporo Real Estate strives to create safe and comfortable facilities under their management philosophy of “Offering a ‘Luxurious Time’ in a ‘Luxurious Space’ for Cities and Society as a Whole.”

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Ongoing “Yebisu Garden Place” initiatives

  • - Build cooperative systems with related parties (police, fire department, JR, neighborhood, etc.)
  • - Implementation of self-defense fire drills
  • - Inspection and confirmation of fire prevention in kitchens and other areas for restaurant tenants, including fire prevention and disaster prevention patrols
  • - Ongoing crime prevention patrol and training
  • - Conducting cleaning inspections for restaurant tenants

Ongoing “Sapporo Factory” initiatives

  • - Walkthrough inspection of cleaning and facilities from a customer perspective (monthly)
  • - Establishment of cooperative systems with related organizations (police, fire departments, neighbors, etc.)
  • - Ongoing crime prevention patrol and training
  • - Inspection and confirmation of fire prevention system within restaurant tenants
  • - Food sanitation lectures conducted by Sapporo Health Center staff for restaurant tenants

Offering comfortable spaces


The Yebisu Garden Place was designed and is managed under the concept of “creation of a space which people who work, play or live in spend a luxurious time.” Furthermore, the “Yebisu Skywalk,” the moving sidewalk that connects the Yebisu Station with the Yebisu Garden Place, features braille blocks.



Ever since the Sapporo Factory opened in 1993 as a large-scaled commercial complex featuring approximately 160 shopping, restaurants and amusement facilities, botanical displays are located throughout the facility and outside of the landmark, to create pleasant spaces for customers. Additionally, universal design has been incorporated into various fixtures such as handrails for stairs, sequentially making improvements in the facility environment with consideration toward safety for a diverse range of customers.

Preparation for unforeseen disasters

Both the “Yebisu Garden Place” and “Sapporo Factory” are prepared for unforeseen disasters, with disaster prevention systems and earthquake countermeasures in place.

Status of existing disaster prevention measures

Fire drill at the “Yebisu Garden Place”
  • - Manuals corresponding to various disasters
  • - In-house firefighting training conducted (twice annually) with a focus on tenant firefighting squads
  • - Standard lifesaving training conducted (twice annually)
  • - Rescue training for elevator baskets (as necessary)
  • - Educational training on tenant fire prevention/disaster prevention managers, etc.


Fire drill at the “Sapporo Factory”
  • - Creation of BCP (business continuity planning) according to disaster
  • - Fire drills focused on in-house firefighting squads (twice annually)
  • - Participation in first aid training (as necessary)
  • - Standard lifesaving training conducted
  • - Rescue training for elevator baskets (as necessary)
  • - Raising handrails, renovation of areas with hazards such as falling snow, etc.

Yebisu Garden Place Tower undergoes seismic damping work to halve the shaking caused by long-period seismic motion

Yebisu Garden Place
Yebisu Garden Place

Yebisu Garden Place Tower is a safe, earthquake-resistant building that has undergone structural evaluation and obtained ministerial approval on a solid foundation. Although the building has sufficient earthquake resistance at present, seismic damping equipment will be installed in preparation for a major earthquake with long-period seismic motion, which is predicted to occur in the future. This will ensure the safety and security of office workers, tenants, and visitors to the building.