Environmental management

Environmental Conservation Promotion System

Environmental Conservation Promotion System

The Sapporo Group has established the “Group Sustainability Committee” as an advisory body for the “Management Council” within Sapporo Holdings (refer to “Corporate Governance and Internal Control”), to aid environmental management initiatives for each operating company and to promote/integrate the environmental conservation activities for the overall Group. The committee chair is the President of Sapporo Holdings and committee members are Environmental Conservation Division Managers from each operating company among others, and the Secretariat is the Sapporo Holdings Strategic Planning Department.
Initiatives for Sapporo Group issues are being implemented, based on social trends and the “Group Environmental Philosophy and Policy”. Climate change has been designated as a major issue, and all operating companies of the Sapporo Group have been making efforts to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Along with this, operating companies have been developing environmental conservation structures according to their business form.

Acquired ISO14001/Eco-Action 21 certification

Overall Group Initiatives

The Sapporo Group has acquired ISO14001 certification for its manufacturing and development departments of eight manufacturing bases and one heat supply company. Additionally, Sapporo Breweries has acquired EA21 certification in 2016 for all business bases, and operate environmental management systems in all operation bases in manufacturing and sales. Each Group company and operation base are making efforts in auditing and training for increased overall Group awareness of environmental issues and environmental laws and regulation compliance.

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Environmental Education

Overall environment education:E-learning is conducted for employees in each Group company.

Special education:Waste management study sessions are conducted for waste managers and management.

Training:Training for emergencies are conducted at ISO14001-certified operation bases.

Waste management study session
Waste management study session
Emergency training (Hokkaido factory)
Emergency training (Hokkaido factory)

Compliance status for environmental laws and regulations

There was no remedial guidance received in 2020 from the government or regional municipalities for violations of environmental laws and regulations.

Sapporo Group environmental costs (Summary)

(Units: million yen)

2020 2019 Notes
Costs for business area Invested amount 360 710 Equipment contributing to environmental conservation
Fees 1,161 1,304
Upstream/downstream costs Fees 41 23 Recycle commissioning fees for containers and packaging
Management activity costs Fees 82 67 Environmental management system operation/factory greening
Economic effects with environmentally-friendly facilities -453 -493 Energy/resource collection facility effects

*Scope of calculation includes Sapporo Breweries manufacturing bases and SAPPORO REAL.
*Facility deprecation costs have not been calculated.