Biodiversity activities

Fundamental Approach

The Sapporo Group is truly grateful for the blessings of nature. We consider biodiversity at every stage of our operations—from regional development to the cultivation of raw materials and production—and engage in a variety of conservation activities. We also work together with local communities to teach future generations about the importance of conserving biodiversity, and engage in environmental education through our products and services.

The Sapporo Group Biodiversity Protection Guideline

The Sapporo Group conducts environmental conservation activities with the understanding that all environmental conservation efforts engaged in by the Group will ultimately lead to the conservation of biodiversity.

The Sapporo Group:

  • Works at conserving biodiversity both in terms of business operations and social contribution
  • Works at conserving biodiversity in terms of the entire lifecycle of its business activities
  • Works at conserving biodiversity in cooperation with community members and NPOs
  • Works aggressively at providing education on biodiversity to employees
  • Works at conserving biodiversity in coordination with Group companies and by making use of their specific characteristics

Environmental education through biotope gardens

Sapporo Breweries opens the biotope gardens of the Shizuoka and Hokkaido factories to regional families and conducts nature observation events.
The Shizuoka factory receives cooperation from the local environmental conservation organization “Yakitsube no Sato Forum”, Yaizu Fisheries High School, and the Higashi-mashizu Community Center to conduct its family nature observation events which started in 2010. The Hokkaido factory receives cooperation from Snow Brand Seed and the Arts & Reports for NATURE in HOKKAIDO for their annual summer vacation waterside creature observation event for families.
The biotope gardens will continue to be enhanced and used as a place to educate local children on the environment.

Activities at the Shizuoka factory
Activities at the Shizuoka factory
Activities at the Hokkaido factory
Activities at the Hokkaido factory

Grape cultivating experiences

Grape cultivating experiences

Every year since 2004, Okayama Winery has made part of its grape fields available to the neighboring Karube Elementary School, so that its students can take part in grape cultivation through weeding, bud-picking, flower observation, bagging, and harvesting, alongside winery staff. In this way, Okayama Winery encourages local students to experience the fruits of nature first-hand.
Organizing days and times to carry out the above field work is extremely difficult, as it is greatly influenced both by the weather and by growing conditions, the winery staff enjoy cultivating grapes with the students every year.

Preservation of endangered species

Preservation of endangered species

On May 31, 2017, Sapporo Breweries and Nagano Prefecture have entered the “Biodiversity Protection Partnership Agreement” which aims to popularize and enhance protection of the endangered “Raicho” snow grouse, along with establishing framework towards this goal.
Furthermore, the Sapporo Draft Beer Black Label’s “Shinshu Environmental Support Can” saw a limited release in Nagano Prefecture in December 2016, and again in June and December of 2017.
The fourth installation of this series will be launched in June 2018*, and will feature a QR code for Furusato Shinshu Donations (Hometown Tax) on the product label.
Part of these sales will be donated to support Nagano Prefecture’s activities towards environmental conservation.

*The Basic Environment Law has designated June 5 as “Environment Day”, and the month of June as “Environment Month” for advocation of environmental conservation activities, of which Nagano Prefecture will conduct throughout the prefecture.