Activities to conserve water

The Sapporo Group supports activities to protect water resources in Miyagi Prefecture’s Shichikashuku Town. Since 2009, Group employees and their families have participated in a variety of activities, such as rice cultivation with farming methods that use fewer agrochemicals. Shichikashuku is the source of the water used for brewing beer at Sapporo Breweries’ Sendai Plant. Since 2009, Group employees have participated together with the Shichigashuku Genryumai Network in rice-planting and harvesting activities as a way to interact with local communities.

Activities to conserve water
Activities to conserve water
Activities to conserve water

Consideration toward water stress*1

According to the World Resources Institute (WRI)*2, the dangers of water stress is high when the water stress level (annual water intake quantity ÷ usable water quantity) exceeds 40%. The water stress levels in countries that are locations for international Sapporo Group factories can be seen in the following chart (data is as of August 2021).

*1 The water available for annual use is less than 1700 tons/person, which hinders daily life.
*2 An international research organization that conducts activities in over 50 countries with approximately 700 specialists and staff members. Their water stress map (Aqueduct) is commonly used to evaluate water stress in active regions.

The Sapporo Group makes efforts for appropriate waste water quality management based on laws, regulations and 3R related to water use.
The Malaysia factory constructed in 2014 has special consideration towards the environment with LED lighting along with installation of water/energy reuse systems.

Country name Water stress level
America <10%
Canada 10~80%
Singapore <10%
Vietnam 40~80%
Malaysia <10%

Source: WRI