Editorial Policy

The Sapporo Group publishes a pamphlet, the “Sapporo Group Sustainability Report”, to communicate our sustainability activities to stakeholders.
This website features information and data that was not able to be published due to pamphlet limitations, for more detailed and in-depth information.

Organizations covered by this report

As the Group’s core, SAPPORO HOLDINGS LTD. introduces the activities of the overall group, its major operating companies, related companies and function-divided companies. Certain areas of data and activities are reported for overseas operating companies as well. As for the activities of “POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage Ltd.”, which launched in January 2013 as the integrated entity of POKKA CORPORATION and Sapporo Beverage Co., Ltd., its activities up to 2012 are under the former company names (“POKKA” or “Sapporo Beverage”).

Guidelines for reference

References are the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) “Sustainability Reporting Standard” (An international guideline related to corporate sustainability reports), International Organization for Standardization “ISO26000” (An international guidance certification related to social responsibility), and the Ministry of the Environment “Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2012”


This website publishes forward-looking statements as well. The content is based on the information at time of production, and actual results may differ from what was anticipated in these contents.