Cultivating Highly Unique Employees

Employees are “human resources” of which individual strengths will be brought out to their full potential by enhancing their working environment and promoting initiatives toward their health and safety.

Group Human Resource Management Vision

The Sapporo Group’s most valuable asset is its human resources.
Every individual represents the corporate brand itself. The individuality and execution capabilities of the Group’s human resources make the brand successful.
With that in mind, the Sapporo Group aims to be a company that creates human resources that are glad to be part of a team and tackle challenges and venture out into unfamiliar fields to acquire new skills by way of a healthy mind and body and a bright, energetic, and forward-facing spirit.

Health and productivity management

Each company in the Sapporo Group believes that thorough consideration towards employee health and safety is essential to create an environment in which everyone can work with peace of mind. With this, various measures are being taken toward mental health maintenance and enhancement, along with prevention of occupational accidents.

Diversity and human rights

The Group has established the phrase “Go Beyond Boundaries” as a fundamental idea to transcend one’s limits, organization boundaries, and business and country borders. This becomes possible only when employees nurture each other and acknowledge differences to create strengths which will transcend borders and result in attaining management philosophies. The Group will continue to reinforce environments to bring out the maximum potential of each employee, recognize and incorporate human resources with diverse ideas and thoughts, and respect diversity (gender, age, disability, nationality, education/work experience, employment type, values, etc.).

Human resource development and training

The Sapporo Group treasures all employees as “human resources”. Support based on business operations of each Group company is offered, allowing individual strengths to be applied to the fullest for independent career development. Each Group company will make efforts to reinforce human resource systems based on their company’s management strategies, with the aim of boosting individual employee motivation.