Work-life balance

Support for balancing child-rearing, nursing care, and medical treatment with work

The Sapporo Group supports the balance between childcare, nursing care, treatment and work through an easy-to-work system and open dialogue with employees.

Sapporo Breweries

Next-Generation Certification Mark “Platinum Kurumin”
Next-Generation Certification Mark
“Platinum Kurumin”

At Sapporo Breweries, we are working for continuous system expansion and promotion of use centered on our “Next-Generation Development Project,” consisting of representatives of both the Company and labor unions. Based on our efforts up to the present as a top-level company that offers support in raising children, we were recognized with a Platinum Kurumin mark in 2017 by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Presently, in order to make work and family more compatible, we promote the use of systems such as flextime and telecommuting. Sapporo Breweries continues to support and implement measures to ensure that its human resources maintain sound mental and physical health. Environmental improvements are continuously implemented to enable employees to work with high spirits while balancing their job and child rearing in our efforts toward developing an environment in which all employees can wield their full potential.

*Platinum Kurumin
Companies which have attained goals established in their general employer action plans and satisfied certain standards based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, may apply for certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Kurumin Certification) as a “Child Care Company”. The “Kurumin Mark” is proof of this certification. Furthermore, as incorporation of work balance systems and use attain a greater level, certification of Platinum Kurumin has also been launched for companies evaluated as having a high standard of activities. The “Platinum Kurumin Mark” is proof of a company with high-level initiatives.


In addition, Sapporo Breweries promotes initiatives that lead to the strength of the company by enhancing systems and dialogues that make it easier to work for employees with cancer.
The company has drawn up a Manual for Balancing Medical Treatment and Work to enable employees suffering from cancer and their superiors to quickly obtain information necessary for balancing treatment and work; in addition, the introduction of flexible working-styles—based on a time-based paid-holiday system, superflex, and teleworking—provides employees with an environment in which they can continue working while undergoing treatment. In 2019, Sapporo Breweries launched Can Stars, an in-house community for employees who suffer or have suffered from cancer. Can Stars works to communicate stories of its members’ experiences throughout the company, and also collaborates with other companies.

In recognition of these initiatives, Sapporo Breweries received the Gold Award for two years in succession at the 2018 and 2019 Gan-Ally (Cancer Ally) Declaration Awards; these awards are hosted by Gan-Ally-Bu, a private project that addresses the issue of cancer and work. POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverages received the Silver Award for the first time in 2019.

Providing Child-rearing Help through Child-rearing Support Website

Sapporo Breweries opened its child-rearing support website in 2006. The site was revised in 2017 to foster better understanding and utilization of the child-rearing support system, encourage male employees to be more involved in child rearing, and promote better understanding by other employees in the workplace. For example, the revised site introduces separate child-rearing support measures for male and female employees and features employee comments about child rearing as well as experience-based information.
Many female employees as well as male employees are using the website, which has led to the creation of an open environment where members of the workplace can be supportive employees who are raising children.
In addition, in order to strengthen childcare support, we have been recruiting in-house childcare supporters since 2018, and 15 childcare supporters are currently counseling and distributing information.

Providing Child-rearing Help through Child-rearing Support Website

POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage

Next-Generation Certification Mark “Kurumin”
Next-Generation Certification Mark

POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage provides reduced working hours and flexible work times for employees who are balancing child care or nursing with their work, in its efforts toward establishing a workplace that promotes work/life balance and to work with peace of mind.
In order to promote both a positive work/life balance and increased productivity, the company also implements a variety of initiatives such as flextime, teleworking, a time-based paid-holiday system, career support consultations, and encouragement for male employees to take paternity leave. In recognition of its activities, POKKA SAPPORO has received “Kurumin” certification as a company that supports raising next-generation children , and has been certified by Nagoya City as a company that supports child-raising.

Launch of the “Work Style Improvement 2020”

Sapporo Breweries

In 2017, Sapporo Breweries launched “Work Style Improvement 2020” aimed at improving productivity, physical and mental health, and promoting a fulfilling lifestyle.
Each employee will prioritize their own tasks and select options while incorporating the telecommuting system/hourly paid holiday system/super flextime system to expand work-style methods and create more private time. Furthermore, work time interval operations which ensure a minimal limit of 10 hours from closing time to starting time the next day has also started.

POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage

Since 2017, POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage has actively engaged in work style reforms; with the introduction of measures such as flextime, teleworking, and work-interval systems, the company sought to use time and space more effectively. One year later, data showed that these measures had succeeded in reducing working hours by the equivalent of a day a month for each employee.
In October 2018, POKKA SAPPORO launched Hirameki! Labo (“laboratory for inspiration”), an initiative that seeks to improve job quality.
Hirameki! Labo has raised interest in the stimuli that lead to inspiration, and has now grown into an initiative in which employees from various Group companies and even those from outside the Group participate.

An ambitious and enlightening corporate climate

Sapporo Breweries wants to actively provide opportunities for employee self-development towards nurturing an ambitious and enlightening corporate climate. One initiative is the Frontier Leave Program conducted by employees for volunteer activities contributing to social harmony, or for education with the aim of self-development. 14 employees have used this program since its launch.

Reduction of work time

Efforts are being made with human resources programs to reduce excess labor time, to correspond to various laws and regulations including the Labor Standards Law. Sapporo Breweries promotes reduction of excess labor time through its activities for work style reform. Various measures such as no overtime days, super flextime programs and telecommuting have been incorporated to create a corporate culture that efficiently enables high performance.

Fixed date Target figures
Annual working hours 2021 2,000 hours
Average number of days with leisure 2021 18 days