Human resource development and training

Supporting career development

The Sapporo Group supports proactive career development of its employees according to the characteristics of each company. These activities include training and program development.

Sapporo Holdings・Sapporo Breweries

Sapporo Breweries’ vision for human resources is to develop personnel capable of creating the Sapporo Breweries of tomorrow, and of undertaking new challenges and generating results.

It shares with Sapporo Holdings a development policy that indicates “employees are responsible for shaping their own careers.”

Sapporo Breweries supports the self-actualization of its employees, providing them with the tools required to carve out their own stories. It also creates opportunities for employees to teach and learn from one another and engage in friendly rivalry; in this way, they absorb new lessons and make new realizations, which they then put into practice at their respective workplaces, leading to concrete results.

Major career support structures of Sapporo Holdings and Sapporo Breweries (System chart)

Major career support structures of Sapporo Holdings and Sapporo Breweries (System chart) Major career support structures of Sapporo Holdings and Sapporo Breweries (System chart)

Human resource training program

Sapporo Breweries

New entry-level employee training with the “tutor program”

Sapporo Breweries introduced the “tutor program” in 1988. It is a new entry-level employee training program which has been handed down over the past 20 years. Senior employees in the same workplace are appointed as tutors and receive tutor training to offer detailed guidance to new employees with support from workplace managers and colleagues.
The benefits of the program are twofold: new employees can achieve peace of mind by sharing any concerns or worries they have about their job, increasing motivation and accelerating work-readiness; for tutors, too, this program becomes an opportunity for growth, as they learn guidance techniques and make new realizations through earnest teaching activities.
Once a month until the following March, new employees write reports on their learnings and any questions they may have.
The tutors and superiors in turn then check and comment on each report, with superiors also providing comments for the tutor.
The participation of superiors in the education process helps foster an awareness that the entire workplace is cooperating in nurturing the new employees.
These activities are also published within the in-house intranet. The status of other new employees and tutor comments can be viewed, for further motivation and mutual growth.
As the environment surrounding the company continues to change, the growth of “human resources” is crucial. The tutor program is within the Sapporo Breweries DNA as an initiative for new employee growth, tutor growth, on-site growth and for the company’s growth as well. It is recognized as a program that needs to be continued and developed.


"Open recruitment training" for shaping their own careers.

“Open recruitment training” for shaping their own careers

Grasping the opportunity to overcome one's own issues At the beginning of the year, we conduct a questionnaire on the intranet regarding training themes that we would like to take, and we conduct open training sessions focusing on the themes that received the most votes. This is a popular program that reaches its capacity immediately after the application period starts. Each year, several themes, such as "basic marketing" and "basic finance," are covered to encourage employees to learn. Through this program, we are trying to create a corporate culture where employees do not wait to be given learning opportunities, but rather raise their hands and go for it.


Towards a Universal Sapporo: the Global Resource Development Program for Coming Generation (GPC)

Towards a Universal Sapporo: the Global Resource Development Program for Coming Generation (GPC)

In order to nurture human resources capable of assuming responsibility for our overseas businesses
Every year we implement the Global Resource Development Program for Coming Generation (GPC).
In Japan, the program aims to improve understanding of other cultures, and strengthen negotiation and presentation skills in foreign languages through the use of native instructors. It also incorporates practical training overseas, including visits to countries such as Singapore and Vietnam where Group companies operate.
In Singapore, employees undergo training at POKKA CORPORATION (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD., which has a strong presence in the country, visit areas with various different cultures, and communicate with local residents; in this way, the program aims to increase the output of its participants. In Vietnam, program participants engage in a variety of activities, including visits to SAPPORO VIETNAM LTD. production bases and other Japanese companies operating in the region, and exchanges of opinions with employees who work there.

Sapporo Technology Academy

Polishing skills with practical training

CS (customer satisfaction) is only attained with ES (employee satisfaction). The Technology Academy is based on this philosophy and offers more than 20 training courses with a focus on staff members related to the Sapporo beer business. Of these courses, one particularly unique course is the “Brewing Technology Training” in which participants brew five liters of beer. Participants conduct all procedures, from combining raw materials to bottling, with unique facilities that creates an experience for all five senses. This course educates participants on all aspects of beer brewing, even having handmade labels put on finished products.

Furthermore, training related to process control such as “Mechatronics Training” allow for further comprehension of increasingly complex/advanced/automated equipment and enhances problem-solving strengths. Additionally, “Accounting Training“ offers accounting knowledge necessary from a business management perspective and aims to contribute towards increasing profits. This academy has had more than 4,000 graduates since it was launched 15 years ago and is a crucial factor of Sapporo quality, through its support of human resources.

“Brewing Technology Training” allows participants to brew beer by hand, from combining raw materials to bottling
“Brewing Technology Training” allows participants to brew beer by hand, from combining raw materials to bottling
“Mechatronics Training” offers practical training using equipment for process control
“Mechatronics Training” offers practical training using equipment for process control


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POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage

To attain the management vision of “Creating Delicious New Products That Enrich and Brighten People’s Lives”, initiatives that promote individual and organization growth are being implemented.
Educational opportunities related to management, strategical thinking, self-directed awareness and customer perspectives are provided, in hopes of creating new values that correspond to customer needs and changes in the environment, to give birth to anticipated results from each employee, and to also develop support measures that create team and organization results.

Career development support measures at POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage

Various training opportunities
Training per stage
Selection/nomination type training
Skill development training
Awareness-changing training (seven habits, career training)
Special training per work category
Self-development support
Assistance for correspondence education fees
Incentive program for qualification acquisition
Support for language learning

Sapporo Lion

Sapporo Lion aims to be a “company consisting of human resources that create results” by heightening motivation and job satisfaction through appropriate evaluation of work results according to each position and role.
Programs such as special training per work category which directly affects daily tasks, along with training per stage and self-development support are also offered. The self-development support program provides aid for correspondence education fees and for acquiring qualification. This will aid in the acquisition of expert knowledge and techniques, which will reinforce skills and hospitality mentalities to cultivate employees that can respond to customer needs.

Career development support measures at Sapporo Lion

Training per stage
Manager leadership training
Branch manager training
Head chef training
Training per work category
Service trainer coaching
Food preparation practical training
Practical training for various tasks, etc.
Self-development support programs
Support for qualification acquisition (sake taster, shochu taster, sommelier, balloon fish preparation, restaurant service technician, etc.)
Assistance for correspondence education fees


Programs that aid in the acquirement of public certification, including qualifications beneficial to work and other special qualifications necessary to be a “real estate professional”, are available with financial backup from the company for necessary fees.

Examples of work undertaken by employees who have acquired qualifications via this system

Business role
1st-class Kenchikushi (architect)
Planning buildings, management of designs and construction, etc.
Real estate transaction agent
Tenant sales
Explaining essential points related to buildings when signing lease contracts, etc.
Land and house investigator
Property administration
Registration of properties, boundary demarcation, etc.

Sapporo group logistics

Sapporo Logistics ★ Human Resource Development University (commonly known as "Logi Daigaku")

In this era of severe changes in the logistics environment, we consider the development of human resources to be one of the most important issues, and have been operating Logi Daigaku since 2019 with the aim of developing and nurturing human resources to promote logistics reform throughout the Group. Every year, a total of 66 people from various departments, not just from the Logistics Division, from Group companies participate in the course. At Logi Daigaku, we provide opportunities for a wide range of activities, from acquiring basic knowledge of logistics to raising issues based on SCM that lead to business strategies. It is a place to think more deeply about logistics through interaction and friendly rivalry among students. Based on the principle that "logistics is management itself," open seminars with keynote speeches by invited lecturers from outside the company are held on a regular basis, and a large number of people from management and across the value chain actively deepen their learning every day.

Logi University