Contributing to Creative, Enriching and Rewarding Lifestyles Through Alcoholic Beverages, Food, and Soft drinks

We will offer the joy of living and richer lives to our customers by creating new value through “Alcoholic Beverages,” “Food,” and “Soft Drinks.”

Safety, reliability, and quality

The Sapporo Group has always ranked “Prioritizing safety and the pursuit of product/service quality” as the foremost factor of the Sapporo Group Code of Corporate Conduct and strives to be a company trusted by its customers as a corporate group that handles food products. Furthermore, the quality in all processes—from product research and development to raw material procurement, manufacturing, distribution, and sales to our customers—are extremely important to us, and we are always committed to improvement.

Creating new value

Our R&D has its “4 Core Technologies” of “Learn about customers”, “Seek out new tasty food”, “Create new tasty food” and “Ensure tasty food” for new food value creation to achieve further growth of the Sapporo Group. The activities of the Sapporo Group research and development started with beer but has widened its horizons with business expansion. We will continue to provide new values to our customers as diverse “Alcoholic Beverages, Food, and Soft drinks” products and services.

Alcohol-related issues

There is an old proverb that says, “sake is the best medicine”, suggesting that moderate consumption of alcohol is good for one’s health. On the other hand, there are mental and physical health risks posed by excessive drinking. The Sapporo Group believes that, as a corporate entity engaged in the distribution of alcoholic beverages, it bears a responsibility to communicate proper drinking practices and a proper understanding about the characteristics of alcohol. Therefore, we have established the “Sapporo Breweries, Ltd. Policy and Code of Conduct Related to Proper Drinking Practices”, based on policies such as “consideration of social impact” and “moderation in alcohol drinking consistent with a healthy and joyful lifestyle” constituted in the corporate Code of Business Conduct.