Promoting Coexistence with Society

We will contribute towards resolving issues and further growth of communities as a part of regional society, to create a better future with local citizens and suppliers.

Supporting local communities

The Sapporo Group has established its basic policy for social contribution activities “to contribute towards regional development, focusing on ‘environmental conservation’ and ‘next-generation upbringing’ through our relationships with the local community and the Group operation”. Ever since our company’s creation, we have been grateful for the support received in countries and regions in which we do business, and engage in communication and community-based activities that contribute towards society. The Sapporo Group believes that having sound and sustainable regions to do business in is essential for continuous growth. All employees will continue to actively comprehend the local societies’ strengths, sports, culture and traditions, and cooperate as members of local society to act for local development and resolving issues, to create a better future.

Sustainable procurement

We believe that sustainable procurement is also essential for building a better future. The products of the Sapporo Group are only complete with the existence of a large number of suppliers. Therefore, in accordance with the Group Basic Procurement Policy, we will ensure fair, equitable, and free transactions and strive to build relationships of mutual trust with our suppliers, aiming to solve problems together, grow together, and develop together.