Donations to disaster-stricken areas

Donations for North Kyushu Heavy Rainfall Disaster relief

Donations for North Kyushu Heavy Rainfall Disaster relief

We provided beverages and soups to Oita Prefecture’s Hita City and Fukuoka Prefecture’s Asakura City after they were hit by the North Kyushu Heavy Rainfall Disaster in July 2017 and also donated two million yen to Hita City and one million yen to Asakura City.

Donations to Typhoon No. 10 victims

We provided “Fujisanroku no Oishi Tennensui” water to Hokkaido and Iwate Prefecture to aid victims of Typhoon No. 10, which struck Japan in late August 2016, and donated a total of four million yen for relief aid.

Donations for Kumamoto earthquake relief

After the May 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, we immediately sent beverages and soups to the disaster-stricken areas. A donation of 30 million yen has also been decided for restoring tourism and supporting the next generations in Kumamoto and Oita prefectures.Furthermore, employee donations were also made and resulted in approximately two million yen from all over Japan. These contributions will also be donated to Kumamoto and Oita.

Donations for Nepal earthquake relief

Employee donations were made to support relief activities after the April 2015 Nepal earthquake. Along with employee donations, the same amount was added from the company, and a total of approximately two million yen was donated to the Nepal Embassy and Japan Platform.

Donations to Hiroshima Prefecture

One million yen was donated as a corporate group to aid the victims of the Hiroshima Heavy Rain Disaster in August 2014.

Donations to the Great East Japan Earthquake disaster-stricken areas

After the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, Sapporo Holdings represented the Sapporo Group and donated 50 million yen to aid the swift recovery of the disaster-stricken areas.

Donations to Miyazaki Prefecture

The Kyushu Headquarters of Sapporo Breweries held the “Ganbarou Miyazaki Campaign” to support Miyazaki Prefecture, which had been suffering from damage caused by foot-and-mouth disease. The campaign was held from July 1, to December 31, 2010, and contributed some proceeds from Sapporo Breweries products (beer-taste beverages, wine, shochu) sold in Miyazaki, and donated five million yen to the prefecture.

Donations to disaster-stricken areas

The Sapporo Group donated a total of 4 million yen to the disaster areas of the “Haiti Earthquake” and “Chile Earthquake” through the Japanese Red Cross Society in 2010.