Promoting Environmental Conservation

In order to pass on the blessings of nature to the future, we will strive for environmental conservation at every phase, promoting active participation of all employees in environmental activities.

Environmental Management

Basic philosophies and policies for environmental conservation have been established, and business activities with consideration towards environmental conservation are also being promoted.

Preventing global warming

Along with proper compliance towards mandatory elements such as the “Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures” and the “Energy Conservation Act”, the Sapporo Group also promotes various environmental activities with active participation from each member of related parties, with operation supply chains in mind. Global warming countermeasures are being implemented in various areas, such as active installation of energy-conserving equipment in manufacturing bases and shops, and developments related to renewable energy and increased logistic efficiency.

Promoting the 3Rs

We promote the 3Rs in each process, from raw material procurement to disposal/recycling, to reduce the environmental impact made when using limited resources. Activities include efforts toward 3Rs of container/packaging with raw material procurement, manufacturing by-products/waste material and reducing the number of beer server disposals by developing equipment with longer life spans. Furthermore, initiatives such as water resource conservation including the control of water use and disposal are being undertaken, along with reduction of food scraps in the restaurant operations and utilizing waste material to generate energy.

Harmonizing with nature

The Sapporo Group is grateful for the blessings of nature which allow procurement of raw materials necessary for business activities, and make efforts for preserving biodiversity that leverage the specific attributes of each business. We also support next-generation education on the importance of biodiversity conservation, conducted together with members of the regional community.

The history of environmental conservation

A summary of various environmental conservation activities conducted by the Sapporo Group.

Chronological table of environmental commendations

A list of various commendations up to this point on greenery/cleaning environmental activities to recycling and energy conservation initiatives.